Satan’s Agenda for Disclosure – First Contact – Part 5

Table of Contents:

  • Whistleblowers Coming Out Of The Woodwork
  • Madoff Whistleblower: Big Banks Are Ripping Off Pension Funds
  • Whistleblower Claims Massive Pattern Of Document Destruction At The SEC
  • MOODY’S ANALYST BREAKS SILENCE: Says Ratings Agency Rotten To Core With Conflicts, Corruption, And Greed
  • Dow Ends Down 400, but Off Session Lows
  • Secular Economic Opinion
  • Heads Up From a Steve Quayle Listener
  • “Vibrant Response 12” Mass Catastrophe Exercise Takes Place in the Heartland
  • Obama Warns Of Norway Style Lone Wolf Shooting In American On Or Near Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 Terror Attacks
  • Norwegians ready for a Gestapo style police
  • Project Bluebeam Imminent? Michio Kaku Hyping Alien Invasion As Corporate Media Says Alien Threat Would Help Global Governance
  • Navy Seals Involved In Military Drills Over Boston’s General Populace – Possible Holographic Technology
  • Pay Your Carbon Taxes To Al Gore Or Space Aliens Will Attack
  • NASA: Asteroids Are Supposedly ‘Chemical Factories’ For E.T. DNA
  • CNN Analysis…Calls On Government To Manufacture War With Aliens To Save Economy!

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PDF–Satan’s Agenda for Disclosure – First Contact – Parts 5 & 6