Rome Pushing “Mother of the World” Status For Mary Goddess & the Darkness of Mother Teresa

Rome Pushing “Mother of the World” Status For Mary Goddess & the Darkness of Mother Teresa

The new pope continues the tradition of pushing the RC Virgin Mary goddess as the unifying force in the world. In September he toured several of the Marian shrines in Europe, speaking of: “the significance of the Mother of God.” “In her maternal love, Mary continues to take under her protection people of all languages and cultures, and to lead them together, within a multiform unity, to Christ. In our problems and needs we can turn to Mary,” he said. In this statement we see how the Mary goddess is positioned between man and Christ. Instead of trusting Christ alone, the people are encouraged to trust Mary instead. We also see how Mary is moving to bring “all languages and cultures” together. How is she doing this? Through special visions called “apparitions,” according to the book Queen of All : “She appears as a living, breathing, three dimensional lady enveloped in exquisite light,” according to the visionaries and seers that see her. Through these, she speaks her messages to the world. Refered to by RC as the “lady in light” this devil invites worship, encourages praying the rosary and other Roman Catholic rituals, and speaks repeatedly of world peace through unity of all religions. Many are unaware that these apparitions of her are occurring in countries dominated by other religions as well, with a similar goddess that is prominent in Islam and the major eastern religions. We will then take a look at the tortured existence of “Mother Teresa”

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