Rick Warren-Leading Apostate Christianity Straight to Hell

Recently Wal-Mart debuted a new book for teenage girls which is a gay “How To” manual that graphically promotes lesbianism to teenage girls by (among other things) citing lying statistics stating that only 10% of the current population is heterosexual, while also stating that 80% of the populace is actually mixed or bisexual. We will then look at Rick Warren’s admitted membership in the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) via a recent World Daily net article. Rick Warren is one of the main leaders of apostate Christianity worldwide. In a recent trip to the Middle East Rick Warren reported back that he could find no evidence of persecution of Jews or Christians while visiting there. Rick Warren has taken the mantle from Billy Graham and is poised to lead the modern day apostate church straight to hell. Rick Warren’s has prophesied a so called “2nd Reformation” that will ultimately unite all religions worldwide. We will also look at what part the physical Jewish race plays in the end time scenario that will shortly unfold. We will also be covering many other current events.

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