Rabbis Pushing For Temple Mount Sacrifices

Rabbis Pushing For Temple Mount Sacrifices

The first topic we will cover is a recent Jerusalem Post article entitled “Rabbis request right to renew animal sacrifices”. We will examine how this could spark world war III, lead to the emergence of the antichrist and how all this relates to Daniel 9:27. We will also touch on the troubling trend of why so many “Christian” denominations and the Messianic Jews (Hebrew Roots movement) are aggressively pushing the rebuilding of the temple on the temple mount in Jerusalem.
Next we will look at the actual blood oath a Masonic Shriner takes when he is initiated into this lodge and the shocking undeniable link to Islam, Mohammed and the Koran. We’ll also explore the true meaning behind of the red fez that the Shriners wear. Lastly we will look at a recent Orlando sentinel article that documents where the money from the Shriner circuses really goes.
Next we will look at the horrific trend of the ‘made to order’ designer and deformer human babies and the slippery slope we go down when man tries to play God.
Lastly we will examine the March edition of the Last Trumpet Newsletter and end with a study in Proverbs.

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