Newsletter: Emergency Health Alerts: 8-23-20

Plandemic II: inDOCTORnation film released – here are the most d***ing outtakes that expose the criminal fraud of Fauci, the WHO and the CDC

++ The new film “Plandemic II” has just been posted to, and the film is a bombshell of details exposing Fauci and others in a massive, engineered global pandemic. It’s all a true conspiracy to enslave humanity and earn obscene profits from mandatory vaccines while human beings suffer and die. See the shocking full documentary here.

Wuhan hosts massive water park party as virus concerns recede – CNN Now, the central Chinese city of Wuhan appears to have moved on from the virus, as thousands of revelers gathered in an open air water park for an electronic music festival — without any masks or social distancing measures in sight.

MORE FRAUD: Arizona Counts Any Death Within 60 Days of Positive COVID Test As COVID Death

Spanish Medical doctor destroys government-media COVID ‘crisis’ narrative-Almost Zero Cases at this point!!!!

COVID HUMILIATION: Service industry workers in Maine now have to wear DOG CONES because of coronavirus

BREAKING: Virginia’s State Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver declares FORCED coronavirus vaccines for all Virginians

NOTICE OF DISCRIMINATION form for Covid-19 Insanity

Harbingers Of Full-Scale Medical Tyranny Ahead: Govt Prepares To Deliberately Infect Americans With Man-Made Coronavirus Then Force Family Members To Be Removed From Homes Of Infected 

NO EMERGENCY SUSPENDS CIVIL LAW – The Healthy American, Peggy Hall

Government conducting clinical trials to learn how best to manipulate Americans to take covid-19 shots –

8-11 UK First Ever Socially Distanced Concert Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Pandemic Quarantine

The Airlines Have Lost Their Mind

In Connecticut, You Now Need A Doctor’s Note to Go Mask-Free In Public


The ten most toxic ingredients commonly found in popular storable food / emergency food products

Storable food FRAUD taking place nationwide as promoters falsely claim “non-GMO” status for GMO-derived foods –

Heatwave Sends Thousands To San Francisco Beaches; ‘Corona Is A Lie’…
College students packing bars…

Another Revelation About Bill Gate Vaccination & 5G Network, Wake Up World

President of Ghana Reveals the Plan of the Elites

Australians have been filled ‘with fear and alarmism’: Alan Jones

Spain joins the rising global rebellion against forced lockdowns, forced mask wearing and forced vaccinations. “August 16 for freedom” MADRID 16A – POR LA LIBERTAD

Universities Ask Students to Play “Coronavirus Police,” Report Peers Who Might Have COVID-19

6 Natural ways to strengthen your immune system

5G Roll Out – Kelowna, B.C. Canada – Canada’s First 5G Pilot Program

Maryland’s $145 Million Cervical Cancer Control Policy Fail

Read the Fine Print, Part Two—Nearly 400 Adverse Reactions Listed in Vaccine Package Inserts

My neighbors thought I was crazy for doing this! | EMF Free Home

House Bill “Protect Me From 5G!” Gives Residents More Consideration on Cell Antenna Placement (Illinois)

Children’s Health Defense sues Facebook and fake “fact checkers” for government collusion and censorship to silence voices of truth

See the list of common toxic shampoo ingredients you should avoid here — infographic included.


—–Original Message—–
From: Heather
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2020 3:03 PM
To: Scott Johnson
Subject: Listener Comment About the Invive 10,700ES Silver and Covid
Hello Scott, My sister wants to place an order this week.…PS. 10700 cured me of COVID in 3-4 days  

++If you had been using talc from Johnson & Johnson you are eligible for damages as they knew the talc caused ovarian cancer for years and did nothing about it.  I just heard an announcement on the radio the other day about this.  You can research this online. From recent newsletters I put out:

Behind the $55 Million Verdict: Johnson & Johnson Knew About Talcum Powder Cancer Risks Since the 1970s

Comment: Talc Causes Cancer! Watch: Johnson & Johnson to Pay $72m For Cancer Death Caused By Talcum Powder
BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson slammed with $72 MILLION verdict for causing ovarian cancer in Missouri woman

Play: Don’t Use Regular Talc Baby Powder As It is Cancer Causing
Now also remember that the CEO of the ACS is Gary M. Reedy who is eminently qualified to serve at the helm of the American Cancer Society because he served as, “…worldwide vice president, government affairs and policy, at Johnson & Johnson, where he spearheaded initiatives to influence global health policy….During his tenure at Johnson & Johnson, Reedy served as president of Ortho Biotech, a Johnson & Johnson company with annual revenues of more than $3 billion.”


From: Patricia
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2020 3:28 PM
Subject: Summer beverage to boost electrolytes… Haymaker’s Punch…. Excellent healer….

The summer heat, I don’t live in a air conditioned home, has been a serious problem for me.  All the extra water I was drinking was causing me to have the worst muscle cramps I have ever had in my life.  This beverage is a life saver….  and an incredible healer.

Haymaker’s punch:

large glass (16 oz):

juice of freshly juiced or squeezed lemon 1 lemon

1 tablespoon (to taste) of maple syrup or raw honey  (I used Maple Syrup it’s easier.)

(Maple syrup should be a grade C or D (D can not be bought in stores. You can get it from an organic farm to ship it to you.  I use only D now for everything.  D is harvested at the end of maple season and is very dark, has a very strong maple flavor, and has the highest mineral content.)

1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar

If you have ginger you can grate some fresh ginger.  (I have never had any fresh ginger so I have never tried this…)

You can make this in larger batches but just make enough for one day.


From: Aimee
Subject: Dangers of Fetal Ultrasound and human growth

Also, wish I could warn all young women who are pregnant about dangers of ultrasound. (or realistic potential for danger)

The Dangers of Fetal Ultrasound

Doctors and the Canadian Medical association are warning against extra ultrasound sessions, citing studies that have concluded that ultrasounds can contribute to delayed speech, cellular damage, and lower birth weight.  The scary thing is that doctors “don’t know” the full impact of too-many ultrasounds on the human fetus, and their prescribing precaution.

About Sound Waves

High-frequency sound waves are also another perceived danger during ultrasound. These can be loud inside the uterus. Babies can actually receive the sound similar to a subway train. The frequency can be very potent to developing ears and cells. Commercial companies are now creating more powerful ultrasound machines capable of providing 3D and 4D images. The procedure, however, lasts longer as they try to make 30-minute videos of the fetus in the uterus. Limit this accordingly.

Conflicts of Interest: Understanding the Safety Issues Around Prenatal 3D Ultrasound

Where does this total dependence and trust of the health care system start?

THE BUSINESS OF BEING BORN –great movie on homebirth.

A friend of mine who is a midwife got 3-4X’s more calls after the movie played in her town.  (she already had a full practice and then

needed to train another midwife to work with her for homebirths to deal with the overwhelming calls she received after that powerful film

played in her town for several months)  There is something so profound about persons being born in this medical system that

carries over for life and seems to be such a huge part of this c.v.   19 brainwashing.  It is on such a deep level (as I’m sure you

know) —this trust, idolatry, and dependance on the corrupt system–associated with the wonderful gift of birth that then psychologically

is retained and falsely transferred for then generations.

Invive Mild Silver Protein:  The Ultimate Immune System Product For Colds, Flu’s and Infections.  Website: For More Information Click Here
The March 1978 issue of Science Digest, in an article, ‘Our Mightiest Germ Fighter,’ reported: . . . “An antibiotic kills perhaps a half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop.”
“Colloidal Silver . . . killed every virus that was tested in the lab,” UCLA Medical Center

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From: David
Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2018 12:13 PM
Subject: Intramax
Good Sir, After using the Intramax I ordered, my bride and I have seen much improvements over a wide list of issues big and small.
Please consider this another order for two more bottles. 
Very Respectfully, SSG RET. David….

From: tgifyukon
Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2016 5:32 AM
To: Scott Johnson
To let you know how the intraMAX has helped me: The intraMAX 415 works wonders for alleviating all of the symptoms brought on my brain lesions. It also has completely eliminated my heart murmurs that I was born with. Whenever, I run out of intraMAX, the aforementioned symptoms start manifesting. Scott, thanks for everything! God bless!

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