Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-12-20

Jhn 3:19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

Job 34:22 There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves.

Prayer Alerts: Occult Ritual Dates/Calendar

From: Douglas Riggs
Sent: Friday, 11 September 2020 9:51 PM
Subject: Urgent Prayer Request\Regarding the Arson Fires on the West Coast
Dear praying friends, I have this persons permission to share his important and urgent communication with you. He is a Sgt. and Sheriff who serves in the Portland area. He is on my email list and has requested prayer. Please consider getting his story out to those in your spheres of influence. He requested his name be kept anonymous to protect his job as a sheriff and family from political backlash since he lives in Portland. Here is verification of the Antifa connection with these fires:

Antifa activist arrested for arson in Washington State

Are The West Coast Fires A Coordinated Arson Attack?

Man arrested, charged with arson in connection with southern Oregon fire :Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, has arrested on two counts of arson, 15 counts of criminal mischief and 14 counts of reckless endangerment. 

Is Antifa Starting The Wildfires? Watch! 


ANTIFA is starting the West Coast fires. Power company official told my brother that they have arrested 6 of them and almost caught another one today.


From: D. (Anonymous)

Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2020 10:58 PM

To: Douglas Riggs

Subject: Firsthand Account of What is going on in Oregon–Antifa activist arrested for arson in Washington State…Would you add my family and community to your prayers (just what you needed I’m sure)?  We’ve evacuated Estacada, OR (small town of about 3,500) due to the fires.  They are literally just outside the city….I’m a Sgt. at the Sheriff’s office in Multnomah County (Portland, OR is in our county).  I get to witness firsthand things that don’t make the news, or if they do, are misrepresented.  Today while driving back from checking on our house, I spoke with deputies in the county who were literally “hunting Antifa”.  I asked them what they meant, and they said they’ve already arrested people who were almost always from out of state (mostly from Texas, oddly) who were going around trying to cut down power poles to start more electrical fires, as well as starting fires by lighting fields on fire near the highways out in the country.  Apparently there are Antifa affiliations.  Once the evacuations get underway, there is looting that follows.  I informed my chain of command that this is insurgent behavior consistent with domestic terrorism, and I think they’re starting to understand what we’re facing.  Thankfully some of my command staff are Christians, so they get it somewhat more that there are spiritual forces back of this all.  Anyway, I’d appreciate your prayers if you have the time….Take care, D… 

++ BLM Antifa Coordinated Arson Attacks plus DEW’s (Directed Energy Weapons) From the Black Programs of the US Government Committing Mass Murder and Holocaust of the Land, People and Animals:

Wildfires Burn Over Two Million Acres in California and is mirroring last summer’s record-breaking heat-drought-wind-wildfire combination in Australia with conditions expected to become worse in the coming days: Hundreds of Campers Rescued From Danger Zone


OUT OF CONTROL: California’s growing bigger, moving faster…
Towns emptied, confusion spreads…

CA Fire Explosions & Great Fire Intensification!

The skies of west Oregon turn into reddish


AGAIN! DHS Warns of Electro-Magnetic Pulse Attack!!!

‘Largest Crowd in German History’ Rises Up Against Bill Gates and Big Pharma


What Major Event Is the US Military Preparing for In Kingman, AZ

Massive Amounts of Military Have Been Deployed to Kingman to Guard the Underground Continuity of Government Tunnel System-Has Continuity of Government Been Declared?

COG In Winnemucca, NV?

Updating Asteroid Cloud


Trump administration demanding nationwide rollout of COVID-19 vaccines by Nov. 1


An MD who has served 35 years in Ireland speaks out about the CV death certificates & the systematic killing of old people

UCLA, Stanford CDC Finds Chances of Dying from #faux Virus is 1-in-19 Million!!!

MSM Pushing the Fear: ‘Second Wave’ News Intensifies


Why The Schools Are All Fenced-in Like Prisons

Mile Markers of Tyranny: Losing Our Freedoms on the Road from 9/11 to COVID-19

Cathy O’Brien On the Real Reason for Masks: ‘My Daughter Was Made to Wear a Mask from the Age of Two as Part of Her CIA MKUltra Mind Control’

Idaho House votes to end COVID-19 emergency declaration – KXLY

MEDICAL POLICE STATE TYRANNY: Australian police smash down the door of a man and violently arrest him for mentioning anti-lockdown protest According to LSN, Bartolo is facing a $20,000 fine for his online post!!!!

COVID Robocops Arrive in Michigan — New World Next Week

US Begins Stockpiling Coronavirus Vaccines Under “Operation Warp Speed”

ALL 77 NFL Players Who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Were False Positives – They Didn’t Really Have It

“I Estimate that 80% of Covid Diagnoses are Wrong …” – Letter from a ‘Nervous, Wrecked’ Lung Specialist

$52,750 in Fines for Going to Church and $50k More Each Week

Pastor tears up cease-and-desist letter over in-person church services

Deborah Tavares Immediate Disclosure

Bombshell: Belarusian President Offered $940M by IMF and World Bank to Introduce Quarantine, Isolation & Curfew ‘Like in Italy’

University Says False Positives Inflated COVID Numbers 600% Among Group of Athletes

Bombshell: Madagascar President Claims WHO Offered $20M Bribe to Poison COVID-19 Cure

Covid 19 in water supply?? Listener Comment: The 32nd degree mason says they are going to put something in the water supply. They are going to cancel elections…

Maskless Los Angeles County Beachgoers May Face Hefty Fines

Ritual Public Shaming

The Pregnant Lady That Got Arrested In Australia For Protesting Covid-19 is a Witch!–Beware Of This Viral Rebellion

5th of September


From: Susan
Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 4:38 PM
Subject: One of our homeschool mom’s report here in PA! 

Titanic swarms of migratory locusts have put 7 million people in the southern region of Africa at risk of famine: The ravenous insects are distinct from the desert locust, which have devastated crops in the Horn of Africa, The Middle East, Arabia, India and Pakistan

Praise the Lord!!: NFL Ratings Drop Double Digits In Season Opener…
Players In Joint ‘Unity’ Demonstration against ”Racial Injustice”…
Fans boo…
DOLPHINS Won’t Take Field For National Anthem…
ESPN to Televise ‘Black National Anthem’…

RITTENHOUSE: The Line In The Sand

California Legislators Loosen Certain Offender Registry Requirements For Crimes Against Minors

Google Does Not Allow Negative Search Suggestions About Black Lives Matter

Antifa “war encampment” found in Portland, housing agitators who emerge from tents each night to unleash CHAOS and violence

Federal Reserve Owns 33% of US Mortgages As America Enters the Neo-Feudalism Era 

HOLODOMOR 2.0: Man Made Famine & Election Chaos

The BLM Connection to Witchcraft

Parents Have Every Right to Be Alarmed About Govt-Funded Sex Games for Kids

California Passes SB145 Bill Moving State Giant Step Closer to Legalizing Pedophilia

UK Govt Funds Development of Kids’ Game Normalizing LGBT Sexual Practices

Kanye West With Special Guest Joel Osteen Hold A ‘Sunday Service’ In Atlanta Where They Both Mock Jesus By Pretending To Walk On Water

Bigger Than Snowden Neuro Weapons Directed Energy Weapons Mind Control Targeted Individual

“Horrifically Catastrophic”: Report Finds So-Called US War On Terror Has Displaced As Many As 59 Million People



Nexflix’s ‘Cuties’ is ALL About Pedophilia

Churches Under Siege

++Sexual Abuse in the “Church”

Comment: I stumbled onto this by accident but sadly this is so very common in the church:

Response by Pastor Stacey Shiflett to North Valley Baptist Church Play:

Update on Cameron Giovanelli–Today, justice was served. Cameron Giovanelli went to jail for sexual crimes against his victim, Sarah Jackson. Play:

Former Pastor At Baptist Church In Dundalk Charged In Sexual Assault Of Child

Here is this Pastor’s (in the video above) account of his own sexual abuse in the church:

Wolves Among Lambs: My Story of Sexual Abuse & Cover-ups In The Church–At the age of seventeen, Stacey Shiflett was sexually assaulted in his sleep by a Bible College student. His abuser pled guilty and served time in prison. A few years later he was groomed and propositioned by his pastor. His experiences as both a victim and a pastor have uniquely prepared him to address this topic. In May of 2018, the church where he pastors was affected by a sexual abuse scandal. The story made national headlines. Wolves Among Lambs deals with both the terrible crime of sexual abuse within the church and the covering up of those crimes. The author has harsh criticism for those that protect the abuser and make attempts to silence the abused.

We are all tired of it! Play:

Joe Major (Faith Baptist Church) 1 year ago  Amen Pastor Shiflett! As an IFB preacher myself who grew up an IFB I have seen these type of things covered up time and time again. These perverts in the pulpits need to know that there is a new generation of preachers who will not just stand by and let them get by with these things and in our day and age you don’t have to have a big church to call out these people. Its 2019 and we will use the technology we have to call them out publicly. God Bless you, we are praying for you and your church in this battle.

++ Imagine that he is not obeying the Satanic Covid-19 church lockdowns either: Pastor Stacey Shiflett’s response to being FINED by Baltimore County for re-opening our church

Play: Pastor tears up cease-and-desist letter over in-person church services

Your campaign, “New eAudio: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 9-7-20” has a new reply. Linda (lh… wrote: Dear Dr. Johnson – I’m a long time listener of yours. Sometimes I hear something, and think I wonder if Dr. Johnson has seen this! And I tune into your latest Biby Study, and of course you have and have the information we need to pray into. God has equipped you for these times when truth is being suppressed or denied and most are walking in darkness. God Bless you and thank you for being a Watchman on the well.~Linda

From: Clint
Subject: Best protection for $20–
This comes from the pervert Jack Luna, but it is good advice. “If you do not have a marine air horn, I suggest you get one. This is especially  good if you live in a rented apartment. If you hear someone attempting to get in, one blast from this horn will put any burglar on the run! These air horns are available on Amazon or in any marine supply store.”

On Wed, Sep 9, 2020, at 6:31 AM, Julie Vidal wrote: Hi Scott, I heard you speak on the deliverance issue in your recent newsletter and wanted to let you know that I heard the recording below in the 80’s.  Are these the two women you are referring to?  Just wondering. Julie  

Closet Witches – Deliverance from unclean spirits (Jack Chick)

Part 1

Part 2

——————————–Yes that is the Rebecca Brown I personally met with. — Scott Johnson

From: Joshua 24:15
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2020 10:17 PM
To: Scott Johnson
Subject: A light in Toronto Canada —
Hi bro Scott, I appreciate your work in the Lord. Please take a moment to pray for our little church in Toronto. Of 75 Baptist Churches in the whole province of Ontario we were the only one that stayed open without restrictions this year and Lord willing we will continue. We aren’t registered, we aren’t affiliated, we are 100% independent by the grace of God. Thought I’d share a clip “ perverted judges and officers“(The case of Kyle Rittenhouse) God bless, Bro Josh 


Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped

Rachael Kavanagh interview on Kevin Annett – YouTube–Rachael Kavanagh is interviewed by Heather Martin on her experience being an administrator for ITCCS. Rachael describes how she met Kevin Annett and how not long afterwards began to have doubts about the validity of his Common-law court and how Kevin Annett smeared her name on various Facebook groups and on the ITCCS site. She asks anyone considering supporting Kevin Annett and giving him money to do their research.


From: Contact Us Form Submission []

Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 2:41 AM


NAME: Dylan

YOUR MESSAGE: Dear Dr. Scott, I have been thinking the same thing as you for the past couple of weeks, about constantly hearing of the enemy’s plans. Not only on your channel, ( you are awesome about putting God in the forefront), but almost every other outlet has been barely mentioning God in their teachings. I actually was getting frusrated at hearing all the negativeity, that I refrained from listening to anyoe for about a week. Something was telling me to STOP focusing all my time on Satan’s plans, and to focus more on Gods plans. But, at the same time, still stay in the know of what the enemy is doing.I just felt that I had been giving way more of my time, energy, & thoughts to the adversary, than to the promises & loving energy, & teachings & information that the Lord was trying to give me. So, I was thrilled when I heard you say almost the exact same thing the other day.I absolutely agree when you said that in these times, you have to report the truth of what is going on ( which is not good news), but I was grateful you felt that focusing TOO much on the bad things, was not honoring The Father at the same time. It was a breath of fresh air! So, thank you for being a watchman, & always keeping God at the forefront.And much respect that you openly admit when you think you are wrong, or make mistakes( unintentionally, I know). If I would not have come across your channel years ago, I believe I would be on a completely different path. I have known The Lord ever since I was very young, but veered off the path. Then one day I was reading New Age nonsense, & knew it wasn’t right. I got into the Ascended masters garbage, & when they said that Jesus was one of them, I knew it was a lie. Anyways, I got angry & googled ‘ The Truth of life’ ,and guess who’s website came up!!! CONTENDING FOR TRUTH.COM !!! I have not made you flesh my arm, but I want to give you encouragement& uplifting for myself & everyone you have had a hand in for helping open our eyes & ears to things I would NEVER have heard or known.I know this was long, & you are very busy, but I hope you read this one day, & realize how many people you have helped to wake up. Thank you again Dr Scott for being a bright light in the dark for me & many others. If you want to use this testimony on any platform, you have my permission. Much love & respect, Dylan