Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 7-22-22

Psa 11:7: For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.

Hebrews 13:15: By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

This is how the door-to-door gun tyranny starts: ATF Conducting Door to Door Gun Checks Triggered By Gun Buys

Highland Park Attack Occurred Despite Red Flag Law, Other Stringent Gun Controls

Illinois shooter Bobby Crimo tied to Democratic Socialists of America, Antifa and the Occult

What Do We Know About Suspected Highland Park Gunman Robert Crimo III

New York Mandates Social Media Checks Of ‘Character And Conduct’ In Gun Permit Applications

Please add your name to SPANK (or thank) your representative for voting for (or against) the biggest gun control bill in 30 years. NOTE: Our system will automatically detect how your representative voted upon entering your address.

++This month, Rep. Cicilline has introduced a bill to BAN “ASSAULT WEAPONS” that will be voted on by the House Judiciary Committee next week. After the Senate voted to pass gun control in June, I’m calling on people like you to turn up the heat on the House and Senate to stop this next assault on our God-given rights. Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your House representative and two Senators to VOTE NO on banning so-called “assault weapons.”

Biden Considers Establishing Public Health Emergency To Allow Abortions

Abortion Supporters Openly Scream ‘We Love Killing Babies’ – Finally The Masks Are Removed And They Are Exposing Themselves For The Monsters They Truly Are 

9 felonies for exposing Planned Parenthood


‘New Mexico becoming top destination for ‘abortion tourism’’
‘Abortion Protest Leads to Fake Handcuffs & “Arrests” of Far-Left House Members’
‘Colorado Doctor Pushes for Public Funding of Abortion’

Abortion isn’t “reproductive health,” it’s the MURDER of an individual human being

++Please click the link below to read the story about how Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton just filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over the Executive Order on abortion.
‘Federal Appeals Ct. Upholds Georgia Heartbeat Bill & Personhood of Pre-born Children’

‘VICTORY for States Fighting Biden Transgender Guidelines’ And….in other news….the American ProLifer-Personhood Alliance petition which many of you signed, encouraging New York Councilwoman Vickie Paladino (pictured in white, above) to oppose drag queen story hour in schools, has been delivered!

Biden’s Corruption Explodes

Mainstream News Is Even Reporting This!: WATCH: Hunter Biden films himself weighing his ‘crack’

Leaked Messages Show Hunter Biden Reportedly Called Joe Biden ‘Pedo Peter’

If Joe is a Pedophile, Who Controls Our Society? Part 1

Pedophile raping White underage girls: Alec Baldwin Goes into Hiding after Link to Jeffrey Epstein Exposed in Court Documents The actor’s name appeared child sex trafficker Epstein’s “little black book” of contacts when it was unsealed in court last week.

Halyna Hutchins’ next project was documentary on Hollywood pedophile rings The director of photography killed by Alec Baldwin was attached to the controversial upcoming documentary about alleged pedophile rings in the entertainment industry.

Hollywood tried to bury documentary about pedophilia in the film industry – Celebrity Reputation Com

Child abuse documentary Hollywood ‘didn’t want you to see’ goes viral | Movies – the Guardian

Pray for Corey Feldman’s safety and courage as he prepares to name the powerful pedophiles that dominate Hollywood –

SICKENING: The House passes the bill to codify same-sex marriage by a vote of 267-157

In direct confrontation with Supreme Court, House to vote on same-sex marriage

Total Insanity is Becoming the Norm: Dindu Nuffin . . . . again.  <<<Unbelievable.


WA School Board Director to Host Gender Classes for Kids Ages 9-12 in Adult Toy Shop

Predators In Leadership: “Inclusive” Pastors Subvert Christianity, Promote Pedophilia

Nancy Pelosi’s Son Accused Of Physical Assault of A 6-Year Old Before He Used CPS To Get The Girl Taken From Her Mother – National File

++awakened5347 MUST LISTEN message from my friend, watch: John Paul Rice Director of the Hunger Games produces A Childs Voice You may remember him from the film “Remember The Titans”. He then went on to make several wonderfully written, directed and produced independent films – He was well embedded in Hollywood and he knows their game.
Amazon has unpublished his film, A CHILD’S VOICE in the US, UK and 70+ countries worldwide.
NO explanation. No notice. This film deals with the subject of human trafficking and child satanic abuse.
As mentioned here, listen to Anneke Lucas tell her story about how she was raped and tortured by elite wealthy aristocrats and politicians in a pedophile ring in Belgium
Listen to the audio version of Alice Miller’s book John cites, “The Drama of the Gifted Child.”
You can still see the film on Vimeo
To learn more about his production company and their films visit
#SaveTheChildren #StopTheMadness Robin Elizabeth Basil

How a Trump Cabinet member gave Jeffery Epstein the deal of a lifetime!


Cold fusion (LENR) commercial breakthrough could END food and energy scarcity around the world

Secret NY Quarantine Camps Obliterated: Hero Lawyer Exposes, Destroys U.S. Concentration Camp

Video: Arizona’s Wendy Rogers Vows to Stop ‘Invasion,’ Put America First in New Campaign Ad

Action Alert: Over 50 people are still in prison for Jan 6th Set Up!!! and then click here to go the 45-minute documentary on those being help in the most wicked fashion by our federal government. AND – learn what you can do to help them.

White House Is Quietly Modeling For $200 Oil “Shock” !! $10.00 + per gallon

Biden Energy Security Official Says Administration Cannot and Will Not Accept or Approve Long-Term Oil and Gas Development


Biden Opens US Oil Reserves, Sends Millions of Barrels to Communist China, Europe

Americans Facing Widespread Blackouts Due to Biden’s Green Energy Push, Expert Warns

“TruckPOCALYPSE” begins in California as 70,000 truckers forced off the roads due to Democrat idiocracy

Texas Authorities Urgently Beg Residents to Turn Off Air Conditioning Because There is No Wind to Power the Windmills

Economic collapse in Sri Lanka

Gates-funded Picnic facility burnt to the ground

BREAKING: A Bill Gates Foundation supermarket in the Netherlands that focuses on new-age foods like plant protein meat (and bugs) has spontaneously caught fire in the middle of the night


Victory! Another Court Protects the Right to Record Police

Dismantling the Constitution: Police No Longer Have to Honor the Right to Remain Silent

Europe is consumed by ‘tunnels of fire’ in ‘extreme heat’ of 117F: Firefighters battle blazes in France, Portugal and Spain as thousands are evacuated while Europe bakes in record temperatures 

Satellite Imagery Shows Global Crop Declines – Except For Russia And China :Sadly, many people in the west have forgotten the importance of commodities, industry and energy in terms of geopolitical leverage.Economic warfare is about independent production 

UN claims world hunger is necessary, as governments intentionally cause poverty on a global scale

Breaking/Exclusive 2022.7 There is Evidence Someone is Attacking the US with Deadly Levels of Radiation and it is being Covered Up – YRTW

European farmers protest spread to Poland and Italy in huge backlash against the globalists’ depopulation and starvation schemes

U S Marshalls raid AMISH over FOOD! Small homesteads next?

China Deploys TANKS to Protect the BANKS – People’s Life Savings Stolen!


Common Drugs Contribute to Dementia, Heart Conditions ANH is taking action to add a warning to commonly used drugs that can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Action Alert!

Supplement Attack: Your Advocacy is Working! While there is still work to be done to stop Sen. Durbin’s supplement attack, there have been several positive developments over the last week. We need to keep up the pressure! Action Alert!

Magnesium Nightmare How new supplement restrictions could affect your sleep quality. Action Alert!

Sewage Contaminating Your Food Your food and drinking water could be contaminated with PFAS “forever chemicals”, at levels that are hundreds of times higher than what is considered safe, but the EPA is too busy looking out for industry to care. Action Alert!

CBD’s Uncertain Future The FDA continues refusing to provide a pathway for CBD supplements, all in an effort to protect drug industry profits. We need to force their hand. Action Alert!

FDA Working to Stifle Lab Testing Options Another dangerous policy has been slipped into legislation that must pass Congress by the end of September. Action Alert!


Amazing Interview: How to Conquer Fatigue and Low Energy- Interview with Ari Whitten

Jean-François Tremblay – The Best Peptides for Anti-Aging, Energy, and Healing

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

Statins Increase Diabetes Risk by 38%

Lose Your Gut (Pot Belly) with these Strategies

Natural Options for Depression

Low Iron Levels? You Need to Watch This


Quadruple Vaxxed Pedo Joe Biden Catches COVID

Medical Journal “LANCET”: COVID Vax Compromises Immune System – Booster Shots Should be HALTED Immediately

Ivana Trump (Trump’s Former Wife) Double-Vaxxed Days Before Death <<<she had all kinds of adverse symptoms from her covid shots.

Rep. Sean Casten’s Daughter Passes Away After Getting the Covid Shot  In a tweet, Illinois Rep. Sean Casten expresses his full support for the COVID vaccines, saying that everyone in his family has gotten the jab. Then on June 14, 2022, Casten’s 17-year-old daughter Gwen passed away “peacefully” in her sleep. 

BOMBSHELL: US Govt Removes/ Reclassifies 52,000 Death Records Seemingly To Obfuscate Vax Carnage

Israeli Data Shows Vaxxed Are Getting Severe Covid At 3X The Unvaxxed Rate & It’s Worsening!

Whilst Trudeau had Covid-19 again, his Government revealed the Vaccinated account for 93% of COVID Deaths in Canada; 50% of which were Quadruple Jabbed 

North Korea Reports 99.98 Percent COVID Recovery Rate ***Without*** The Covid Vaccination

While you were distracted by Boris resigning & a “Doomsday” Heatwave, the UK Gov. quietly published data confirming the Triple Vaccinated account for 91% of COVID Deaths since the beginning of 2022 – The Expose

VIDEO 49.54 – These Aren’t Normal Cancers. Doctors All Over the World Are Noticing That “Something Is Wrong”.

Nano and Micro Blood Clots Seen in the Capillary Blood of the VAXXinated & NONVAXXinated!

FOIA Emails Reveal Canadian Health Officials Had Pre-Knowledge Of Vaxx Effects, Mandated Vaxx Anyway

Pilots, Doctors and Aviation experts lift the lid (regarding the covid kill shot) on what is happening in the sky


Young Colorado man reluctantly took covid jab to travel and had to undergo emergency surgery, after multiple blood clots formed in his leg

Man Begs Parents Not To Inject BioWeapon Death Shot Into Toddler And Infant

Two and 3-year-old kids with seizures is ‘the new normal’-I’m getting multiple reports from my nurse friends about kids 2 and 3 years old having seizures. It is ONLY happening on vaccinated kids, and symptoms start 2 to 5 days after the COVID vaccine.

For the Children who get the Kill Shot: FDA Approves First Oral Blood Thinning Medication for Children

Defibrillators To Be Installed In Every State School In England because of all the heart attacks they are anticipating in the children after they get there covid vaxx!!!!

ALL VACCINES ARE BAD! – The Conspiracy To KEEP Us Sick! – Head Of “Learn The Risk” SPEAKS OUT!


Judge Strikes Down Los Angeles School Vaccine Mandate, Siding With Parent

New Zealand Doctors Publish an Open Letter Calling for Criminal Investigation into the ‘Wave of Deaths’ Among the Fully Vaxxed (

Army Begins Soft Purge: Now Cutting Unvaccinated Soldiers from Pay and Benefits

Hundreds of thousands of US troops may face dismissal More than 260,000 American servicemembers could be discharged due to non-compliance with vaccine mandates SQ;THE CHINESE TAKEDOWN PLOT OF AMERICA’S MILITARY IS ALMOST COMPLETE 

More than 60,000 Army soldiers losing pay, benefits over vaccine mandate Attorney representing military whistleblowers argues total number is much higher 

Covid “positive” citizens in Hong Kong forced to wear ankle bracelet trackers like criminals

Vaccine Injured Veterans Can Unite Upon Title 38 : 11 : 51 . . .

Why Does NY Governor Kathy Hochul Want Government-Mandated ‘Quarantine’ and ‘Isolation’ Camps Despite This Recent Court Ruling? (<<<Give you ONE guess.

Dr. Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up ‘The Science’ On Lockdowns, Social Distancing. (<<that’s not all they made up



Billings MT: Walmart Employee Calculates Massive Food Price Increase- (Were those Recent Defrosts Really by Accident?)SQ;NO ACCIDENT AT ALL CAREFULLY IMPLEMENTED TO CUT PEOPLE OFF FROM THEIR FOOD SOURCES THROUGH STARVATION! 


++Steve, know you’ll get this info out to the people who will listen. Today around 4pm I recieved a call from my source at the Billings Regional Landfill that Sam’s Club was unloading now their 3rd roll off truck full of frozen foods. The full load dumped and destroyed was roughly 40-50 TONS of frozen food. This was all being monitored for full destruction at the landfill. Apperently their main Freezer went out over night due to a Freon leak and the exhaust vent was pumping hot air in. This was also confirmed by another source who works for an answering service here in town that takes the repair company calls.
Roughly 30 minutes later i get a text from the same Call Service source stating they recieved a repair call for Costco

because their big meat cooler had been down for an unknown amount of time and they were also loading up product to dispose of. Im waiting to hear back from a contact at Costco to see how much was lost.
Then around 6pm I get a call from a friend who has inside info on the walmart in Laurel, MT (only 12 minites outside billings city limits) saying they also had a freezer fail and we loading up 20 tons of “spoiled food” into roll off trucks to destroy.
Then around 6:45pm my landfill source got a call about a fire on the trash pile (the same pile all the food was sent to). This fire was burning hot and black. We have been watching them put it out for almost 2 hours now.
“Now do you think any of this food will be replenished’? Do you think they will be sending more food to the biggest city in Montana? My guess is not. If they do it will be nowhere near the amount to recover the loss. SQ-PICTURE OF LAND FILL FIRE HAS BEEN SENT TO ME AND WILL UPDATE!MEN IN SUITS OVERSEEING DESTRUCTION OF FOOD -BOTH ON SITES AND AT DUMP! Jul 17, 2022

++From: Patricia Sent: Monday, July 11, 2022 10:33 PM To: Scott Johnson <>
Subject: IUD very strange problems…. (I am listening to your most recent teaching)…This is a short video and it’s just crazy.  I am not criticizing this woman btw, and I am glad she took that thing out.  What I think is crazy is the fact that these problems started when she put it in and it took so long for her to figure this out and take it out. BTW the not being able to dream thing is reported by another woman in the comment section and was using another type of IUD (not copper) My (Nightmare) Experience with the Copper IUD//How the Copper IUD Can Mess With Your Hormones – YouTube

++From: ED Sent: Monday, July 4, 2022 4:02 PM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Greg Reese (of Info Wars/Alex Jones) promoting Yoga Thought this was interesting. Greg Reese is telling his listeners that Yoga is not a religion, and that Christians can practice it but when doing so meditate on Christ. He then throws in how the transgenders use it in a wrong way in order to help his argument. More subterfuge from people outside the mainstream media, planted most likely, to mislead Christians in following the wrong path. More than likely knowing full well what this can do to us spiritually. Matthew 6:7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. (As in the OM chant)

Scott Johnson’s Comment: So much leaven to weed through at Info Wars/Alex Jones. See my teaching on this subject here:

++From: yvonne  Sent: Monday, July 4, 2022 1:24 AM Subject: Australian journalist from channel 9 said Mary should have had Jesus terminated in her womb. Pat Mesiti outraged call for sacking. Hi Scott

If you able, please listen to Pats call on all churches to take a stand and demand the commentator to be sacked!!

Bless you for all your important work you do 🙏! Yvonne from Tasmania


++ (Video Proof) 2 Headed Giant You Didn’t Know Existed? From: Patricia  Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2022 5:41 PM
Subject: Re: (Video Proof) 2 Headed Giant You Didn’t Know Existed?
Article acknowledges its existence but is calling it a hoax without supporting any reason for calling it a hoax.  The fact that side shows were putting this on display is suspicious as they usually are hoaxers, but I am going somewhere with this.

Kap-Dwa, two-head giant : Patagonian cannibal, (over 12 feet high) – Brown University (

I need to point out it is a giant who is a siamese twin (conjoined twin), something we see in real life today, just like the ones below.  The fact that such a set of remains exist (conjoined twins are quite rare) may indicate it was more prevalent in giants than in us.

Meet The Most Famous Conjoined Twins In The World – Celebrities – Nigeria (

Where Are Conjoined Twins Abby and Brittany Hensel Today? (

So this is Shiva who we have been hearing so much about.  Notice all those heads and notice all those arms.  BTW it is getting more DIFFICULT to find authentic photos of actually ancient depictions of the Hindu Godhead that are multi headed and multi armed.  Most of it is usually modern things.  (It used to be when you pulled up images of them, those ancient images and artwork was the first thing that came up and the multi heads and multi arms was the most striking thing about many of them)

BTW in a lot of those ancient artifacts you can not tell by looking at any of these entities if they are male or female.  Someone had to explain to you what the gender of the entity in question is.  I have had a young Indian woman who is trained in classical (Indian iconographic painting confirms this for me).

Wooden statue of many headed hindu god Shiva at the Ancient Siam attraction near Bangkok in Thailand Stock Photo – Alamy

This is not ancient but it is in the precise style I am talking about but in this case, you can tell he is male.  All of him looks male except for his arms..  No, most of these images I saw several decades ago and before, you could not tell the gender.  The blue color does not mean they are blue, it means they are dark skinned.  I don’t know why they just don’t draw them with dark skin.  I wonder if that (blue means dark skinned is a cover for something more hidden.

The many-headed and multi-armed Lord Shiva. Sculpture of the Indian God Shiva. Rishikesh, India, December 11, 2018. #273254836 – Larastock