Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-9-24

John 13:26: If any man serve me, let him follow me, and where I am, there shall also my servant be, If any man serve me, him will my Father honor.

Encouraging Devotional–In the middle of desolation

++So humbling to see this; of whom the world was not worthy–Exploring St. Paul’s Prison in Rome (11 minutes)

How long are you going to wait?

CERN Has A Disturbing Message For Us

Horrific hurricane season potentially coming



Alarming Map Reveals China’s Takeover of U.S. Farmland

WEF just admitted CASH will soon be Illegal, here’s how their plan works

10 ASEAN Countries To Ditch the U.S. Dollar:The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries are looking to promote local currencies for trade and ditch the U.S. dollar for cross-border transactions 

No ID line at the airports

Microsoft Recall AI (Black Mirror in real life?)

Wilderness Warfare: Militarized Cartels Hiding In America’s Woods

A massive fire broke out at a poultry farm in Southern Illinois. One of the largest free-range egg facilities in the country starting burning last night. Millions of chickens dead. Millions of eggs gone.GLOBALIST ATTACK ON PROTEIN 

“Australian Electrician has already been given a government “mandate” for Digital ID in order to renew his Electrician’s License. He explains how he defeated it!

Horrifying Trend Of Random Attacks Against White Mothers By Black Radicals

OK SB426 signed into law–Oklahoma’s Governor Stitt signed into law today. Praise Jesus!!

Another Elderly Pro-Life Activist Sentenced for 2020 D.C. Abortion Clinic Protest

++Please add your name to our pre-written letter urging your Representative to support both Section 261 of H.R. 8580 and Rep. Eli Crane’s Amendment No. 31 which protect the Second Amendment rights of our nation’s veterans.

++Please add your name to our pre-written letter urging your Representative and two Senators to overturn the ATF’s tyrannical rule.

++Please add your name to our pre-written letter urging your Representative to recognize concealed carry rights for ALL Americans.

United Nations and World Invocation Day: A day to invoke Maitreya, satan and the antichrist: The United Nations (‘UN’) library was built by a group called the Lucifer Publishing Company, later changed to Lucis Trust who cites the writings of Helena Blavatsky 

Robert Kennedy Jr Confirms He Supports Abortions Up to Birth: “Even if It’s Full Term”


Germany Downgrades Child P-o-r-n Possession To Misdemeanor: REPORT

Is This The End of Goodwill? | Never Donate To Goodwill Again

Mother’s Day brings grandmother’s love in Rae Carruth case

EV owners say their cars are making them SICK – as driver claims her Tesla caused her nose bleeds, ‘debilitating’ body pains and hair loss SQ;WONDER WHAT EFFECT THEY HAVE ON THE’ NANO BOT’ VACCINATED HUMANS 

++Afraid of “Misinformation”? The Feds Are Here to Help If you thought that the COVID-era attacks on free speech were bad, you better prepare yourself for what’s coming next. Action Alert!

The Original Dr Feelgood #shorts

MSM Silent As Court Holds PCR Covid Tests 97% Inaccurate – Unfit for Purpose

After Covid Shot Introduction Canadian Military had 800% Increase in Vaccine Injuries

CORRECTED: 9th Circuit Court Concurred COVID-19 mRNA Injections Are NOT Legally Vaccines–“The right to refuse unwanted medical treatment is entirely consistent with this Nation’s history and constitutional traditions and the case merits are sufficient to invoke that fundamental right.”

Cardiologist calls for abolishment of the WHO: ‘Enough is enough!’ Forced into psychiatric hospital after speaking against COVID narrative: Dr. Binder MD studied medicine at the University of Zurich, received his doctorate in immunology & virology, 

DIY survival solution: Create activated charcoal at home

Selenium Deficiency Tied To Deadly Viruses

Aspartame & Cancer Stem Cells: How This “Sweet Treat” May Drive Aggressive Tumor Growth

4 Sugar Alternatives That Won’t Poison You

Is vitamin D3 rat poison? Answer: No

The Artery Unclogging Duo: How Pomegranate and Garlic Could Save

Warning: Dentist Intramuscular Analgesics are Administering the Nanotech and Graphene Oxide 

Full video:

++Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD–Here is another doctor, Dr. Len Ber publishing his research on mixing dental anesthetic with blood and finding nanobots. The replication of our findings by other doctors and scientists is vitally important to get the information out. Mixing Dental Anesthetic with Blood

Nanotech Found In Dental Anesthetics: Nanotech Found In Vaxx Also Observed In Dental Drugs

Non Stop Spherical Rubbery Self Replicating Blood Clots After Dental Anesthetics – Assembly Stopped With EDTA IV+ Vitamin C – A Case Report


Ariana Grande is a REAL Witch

Watch “Exposing Taylor Swift’s NEW Witchy Tortured Poets Album” TAYLOR SWIFT IS A WITCH LITERALLY…

Dallas megachurch pastor T.D. Jakes named in lawsuit against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Knock on wood curse

The words of our mouths

What consumes our hearts

The Loudest Man in the Room

++—–Original Message—–From: KELVIN Sent: Monday, May 13, 2024 9:09 AM Subject: Let’s get real–Alexandria’s amazing testimony of getting taken to Hell where she sees Satan. Her journey from seeing herself as a white witch to Jesus showing her the reality of witchcraft and the demonic

Part 1

Part 2:

++—–Original Message—–From: Mike Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2024 11:42 AM Subject: Anti-Globalist International – Resisting the Great Reset. Hi Scott, not sure if you’ve seen this. I just read and signed God bless! Mike–BTW if you know anyone in the MD area (MD, DE,DC,PA, VA) looking for 2nd amendment training or a MD concealed carry permit, here’s my website  Also at

++From: Contact Us Form Sent: Monday, May 27, 2024 10:07 AM NAME Robert SUBJECT Stephen King is more demon possessed than I realized YOUR MESSAGE Recently on Facebook, someone did a synopsis of the Stephen King novel “It.” I heard of it but never knew it had the theme of CHILD MURDERS. I went to Wikipedia and found it was much worse Stephen King, in your words, is demon possessed to the toenails. Read the plot here I was nauseated. I will flat out say King is a PEDOPHILE of the most perverted kind. Not only does he take pleasure in conceiving of stories of children being murdered as well of adults murdered, but he enjoys about writing about children having sex!!! And people who enjoy his writings of children murdered are demon-possessed perverted pedophiles too. Here is extra documentation:

++From: Contact Us Form Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2024 5:55 PM Subject: Contact Us at – Lara SUBJECT Robotic Surgery YOUR MESSAGE Hi, you may already be aware of this but in the last few months 4 people I know that had surgery, have experienced major complications, near death and DEATH because of organs that were nicked or torn. I know for certain, 3 involved the use of robotics. The initial issues: prostate cancer, leukemia, gall bladder stones and heart blockage. Also, it seems like everyone that goes into the hospital ends up with sepsis. The doctors/hospital that killed my mom told me the treatment (or lack there of) for her was because of potential sepsis. Lies! She didn’t have that (long story) but they sure did put doubt and fear in me and my family at the time of all the covid carnage.

Commenting on the Turbo Cancer report, 2 friends of mine have had cancer and one in particular receives regular treatments. She has a great attitude and shares her faith and testimony with all that give her care but it just wrecks me that she continues with the very things that are causing her slow, gruesome death. Talk about a cash cow!! Last week she underwent surgery in Birmingham to remove a cyst that had developed behind her eye. She has had other surgeries for broken bones that I am confident are because chemo is ravaging her body. My other friend had major surgery, chemo and radiation for tongue/lymph cancer exactly 3 years ago. What he went through was unbelievable. I truly do not know how people get through this stuff. Supposedly he was cancer free these past few years but recently he developed an ulcer on this tongue. Initially, after scans and biopsies he was told there was no cancer in the 1 inch tumor. Ulcer then affected his ability to eat. He went back for an MRI which revealed Fibroblast cells (Fibrous and Collegian) and was told he needs 1/3 – 1/2 of his tongue removed which would be rebuilt with the skin of his forearm and skin from thigh will be grafted into arm. Now get this and I quote my friend’s wife, ” Surgeon just called. Mayo Clinic’s Pathologist called him, and they have found he does have cancer, stage 3. It is a rare Scarmatoid Carcinoma that may be from his Chemo treatments years ago. He is scheduled for surgery on May 8th, but we will be leaving sooner so they can have a feeding tube put in and tests done. The Dr said he needs to be aggressive and will need to remove 1/2 of the tongue but will know more once he is in surgery. He will be in the hospital for at least a week. Chemotherapy is not an option, as this cancer is resistant to this therapy.” So his cancer is caused by chemo and chemo is not an option!!! What?? Sorry, this is so long but I think your listeners need to understand the delusion (witchcraft spell) good people are under!! He had the surgeries and has since found out that of the 10 sections of tongue taken out and biopsied, 7 contain cancer cells. Option, take out rest of tongue or look into Proton Therapy!! They are going to Houston for Proton Therapy, whatever that is. Unbelievable!!