Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-6-20

Psa 33:16-22: There is no king saved by the multitude of an host: a mighty man is not delivered by much strength. An horse is a vain thing for safety: neither shall he deliver any by his great strength. Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy. To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine. Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he is our help and our shield. For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted in his holy name. Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.

OPERATION RACE WAR: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Collapse the American Republic via CIVIL WAR 2.0

Helicopters and Military Humvees With Mounted Gun Turrets Deployed for Protests In D.C.
Wild Lightning Storm Hits Washington Monument…
WEEKEND: White House braces for largest demonstration yet…
National Guard told NOT to carry guns…
DC mayor has ‘Black Lives Matter’ painted on street…

++ FORTRESS 1600 The security perimeter around the White House keeps expanding. Tall black fencing is going up seemingly by the hour. Armed guards and sharpshooters and combat troops are omnipresent. In the 72 hours since Monday’s melee at Lafayette Square, the White House has been transformed into a veritable fortress

++ HT Comment: Coup d’Etat Against President Trump This Weekend? Intelligence sources are saying the move by the Mayor of Washington DC to “order” National Guard troops out of  her city, paired with the Pentagon’s move to DISARM Troops remaining in the city (and doing that without White House approval) are signs that a possible Coup d Etat may be coming — this weekend. Several of my former colleagues from my years working side by side with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) have told me explicitly “Something very dangerous is up.”  They also pointed out . . .that groups such as “Black Lives Matter” and “ANTIFA” are openly claiming they will mobile “over a million protesters into Washington, DC this weekend.” If that’s the case, then why is the Mayor of Washington, DC ordering National Guard troops OUT of the city?   And worse, why is the Pentagon Ordering any troops who remain, “not to use firearms?” According to several Intel sources, the action by Washington DC’s Mayor to have the world “Black Lives Matter” painted on the street which leads to the White House, is a sort of announcement to President Trump they are coming for him.

++ ATTN STERLING HEIGHTS MICHIGAN A looting and burning spree was requested by your city government and is scheduled for YOUR city starting June 6 (Saturday) in the afternoon. They will be staging the attack at the golden circle There will be no police action against the rioters and no military present, your government has intentionally set up your city as an example and has explicitly requested this to be staged in your city, and has promised no police action. They want your city destroyed. This is what subversion looks like.

How Small Communities can COMMAND Law and Order

Gun sales skyrocket amid coronavirus pandemic AND engineered riots

Security Footage Shows George Floyd Clearly Drop A Small Baggie with White Substance During  HIS Arrest that officers did not see on the ground

Candace Owens: “I DO NOT support George Floyd because He is a Criminal

Jesse Watters lists  7 points that Floyd’s death was NOT racial but a HIT job to silence him from blowing the cover at the bar/restaurant that both he and Derek Chauvin worked at in possible money laundering and/or human trafficking and a drug related crimes history

THUG LIFE: Pretend Christian Kanye West Joins Black Lives Matter Anti-Police Protests, Scrubs Twitter Feed Of Nearly All His ‘Sunday Service’ Tweets

Heavily armed men who refuse to identify themselves are patrolling the streets of Washington, DC. They were sent by the Bureau of Prisons

Black Protesters track officers to their homes, throw Molotov cocktails at patrol cars

Polk County Sheriff Warns Rioters: ‘If You Try to Break Into People’s Homes, I’m Highly Recommending They Blow you Out of the House with Their Guns’ (VIDEO)

This one, antifa saw all the ARMED Patriots, and didn’t even get out of their car!!!

Klamath Falls: Antifa RETREATS From the Suburbs After Business Owner and Entire Neighborhood Show Up With Guns – vid clip

Armed Texans Defend Alamo Monument Amid Civil Unrest – Militia group aids Local Police in Defending Texas Icon PICS-vid clips

Soy Boys and Girls actually want someone to call 911….Antifa’s violence is ok, but patriots returned violence is not playing FAIR!!! “Mommy!!!”

Operation Mind Control: Top Constitutional Attorney Speaks Out Against Lockdowns & Martial Law

Moderna’s Guinea Pig … “Sickest in His Life” After Being Injected With Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine


This Is Not a Revolution. It’s a Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation

Lakeland, FL. Chief Tells Antifa Rioters His Citizens Will Shoot To Kill

Study Shows Direct Correlation between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks – RADIATION DANGERS

Strange happenings at Buckingham Palace

Rockefeller Foundation Paper Published in 2010 Predicted How a Pandemic Can be Used as an Excuse to Establish Global Authoritarian Power

Millions Of Higher-Paying Jobs Targeted As Next Wave Of COVID Layoffs Begins

As the riots in the US grab the world headlines Northern India is battling a massive locust invasion, a heatwave touching 50 deg C (122 deg F) a Severe Cyclonic Storm and Covid-19

CHRISLAM: President Trump Signs Executive Order ‘Advancing International Religious Freedom’ After Visiting The Idol Of Saint John Paul II

Gun sales skyrocket amid coronavirus pandemic AND engineered riots: Now, gun sales have spiked once again as rioting, protests and civil unrest over the death of George Floyd continue to spread across America and the rest of the world.  

On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 6:57 PM Patricia <patricia…@ wrote: Hi Dr. Scott, OK I am finally hearing this and not overwhelmed by the idea. Both these women do a good job bringing up this topic for someone who feels like they can not do anything.  BTW, that year, 2016, that I was out of work for eight months, the Holy Ghost had me doing exactly what both these women advocate, and I had no idea why I was doing this (I honestly thought I was losing my mind.). I would go to the store, get the feeling I needed X even though it was not on the list,  come home to find I already had 5 of X already at home.  When I finally was without a job, I had months of bulk food supplies and spent very little on food during that time.  What was crazy is I was stocking up on things I normally did not normally eat much of.  It ended up I made lots of soup during that time off and what I had stocked up on was soup ingredients and  soup spices, spices would have been a great luxury during my time off work but made my soups very delicious. This first lady makes a lot of sense….  she is a homesteader but she does this herself  (gradually adds to her preps each time she goes to the store) because as she says one drout, one fire, one flood can wipe you out when you are homesteading.  Someone can do small things to make their food and supply line more secure. The second woman is a triple crown finisher (through-hiked the three cross continental trails).  She encourages people to get started in hiking even if they are a complete novice, and she has taught me a great deal,  and helped me to know what needs to be in your backpack and other things like this.   Anway, she addresses prepping in the video and she says she does something she calls “copy canning”.  If there is a two for one sale for something she needs or she treats the second as a prep.  Or she buys a little extra of something she uses when it is on sale or each time she goes to the store. It’s like this, if you buy a little bit extra each time you go to the store, it adds up.  Both women address the subject of rotating your stock. Thanks, Pat


NAME      Gran Sojourner

EMAIL     patina4arts@

SUBJECT thank you, and note about artemesia annua–YOUR MESSAGE  Firstly, grace and peace to you Scott. Thank you for your tireless work in the Lord Jesus. Secondly, hats off to the president of Madegascar, and all who thank God for the wonderful and natural medicines he has placed on earth. The article listed, however left out a critical, critical bit of information, without which people can’t access this amazing God-made miracle. There are hundreds of “artemesias” on earth, but only one is for wiping out this, and a host of other pathies. It’s name is Artemesia annua, (lots of instructive vids on y.t. about it) A tea or decoction of the plant can only be taken for seven days on, then seven days off. Why? Because it is very powerful, and the terpenes in it can irritate the liver. It has been used for malaria in Africa for centuries. Big ag and pharma tried to steal it, and patent the analog of artemisinin……but the greedsters lost out, because folks developed resistance to the analog, but not to the real God-made plant Artemesia annua itself. So, with no money to be made, the greedsters lost interest in the natural cure. But God is faithful, and has caused these leaders to herald the real thing. (Now, the greedsters will probably try to ban it, unfortunately) The Lord led me to this plant seven years ago, and it helped to heal me of lyme and other issues. It is an annual, but re-seeds itself, so folks can have it on hand in their own backyard. Scott, we must tell people to learn their wild edibles and of blessings such as this artemisia annua. I’ve learned from experience that almost everything I needed to heal was already growing in my backyard, and the Lord Jesus put it there, PTL. Things may get very dark before the Lord’s return, and without vital knowledge of His own creations, well you already know the likelihood of that result. Man made products and vitamins may be ended under codex alimentarious, (and I’m a huge fan of vitamins too) but we may be having nettle soup for the minerals when they end the supply. Sorry this is a big long. Thank you again Scott, and God Bless. Maranatha, the Blessed Hope.

From: Mark
Sent: Sunday, May 31, 2020 2:11 PM
To: Scott Johnson
Subject: confirmation of your ministry–
Dr Johnson: I’ll make this as quick as I can.  I love your ministry! I thought- why is this guy still alive?  Bill Cooper and many others like him are dead.  Human reasonings, as The Bible says… In my own life, I had become a pariah.  I tried to speak to my Pastor about the war on men and Dad’s. I was placated only to have him go back to preaching a Duluth Model flavored message (by the way, if you don’t know what the Duluth Model is I would suggest researching it). (good Christian brother).

Then I tried to talk to him about The Mandela Effect.  I was genuine scared and looking for help.  I felt I was marginalized as a result, and that is how I found you.

It’s to The Glory of God that He is protecting you and letting you preach those things that the 501c churches will not touch.   Keep it up, man.  You are reaching and blessing a lot of people.  You are encouraging others to walk the same path.   It’s making a difference.  That sermon that you shared “A door of hope” was tremendous.  One of the best words that I’ve ever heard. Anyway, long winded way of saying thank you.  God bless–Mark


Scott Johnson’s Response:

Mark: Yes your testimony is very common unfortunately.

Yes Bill Copper was not a Christian and did not rely on God for protection, so while I should have been dead a long time ago (see the attachment) God (in His mercy) has protected me and my daughter:

My Testimony and Supernatural Experiences-Part 1

By Dr. Scott Johnson | September 13, 2009

My Testimony and Supernatural Experiences-Part 2

Thank you and God bless you!–Scott


Sent: Saturday, May 30, 2020 8:04 PM
To: Janice
Subject: OMG!! Buyer beware! Amazon/Walmart clothes infested!–
Janice, Igor and I got a huge black flea infestation, and we thought we caught it when we went to AZ to see Star, but we realize now, that all the new packaged clothes we bought from Walmart are infested!! It is a nightmare. We had bombed last week in the house, but still finding them dead and alive. We just figured out what is going on! Clothes I recently bought from Amazon we took out of the package and shook them in the tub, and there were black fleas coming off into the tub. Newly packaged bras and underwear I bought at Walmart, same thing! I am creeped out! We are steaming and washing everything (totally exhausted), and I am throwing out a lot of clothes that are really infested, even though most are dead. Check any clothes you are buying. I am guessing all the Chinese and Amazon warehouses are infested and they are shipping out bug infested items. I am SO ANGRY!
Let people know…