Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-15-23

Lev 26:13 I am the LORD your God, which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that ye should not be their bondmen; and I have broken the bands of your yoke, and made you go upright.

YOU are Being Replaced

TREASON: Biden regime coordinating with Mexican government to secretly facilitate mass illegal migrant INVASION

EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Drug Cartels To Launch Terror Attacks Inside U.S., Warns Federal Intel

Where are the children??? Where’s the woman???? Why is it only men???? Our border is being INVADED. THIS IS NOT A REFUGEE CRISIS!!!

TX National Guard Assists Border Patrol In Human Trafficking

Biden DHS Criminally Conspiring with Mexico to Signal Illegal Aliens WHEN to Enter USA ILLEGALLY

Texas Governor Abbot is part of the Kayfabe–Michael Yon–May 13, 2023–El Paso Sector Invasion — Shaping Operations and Destination Assignments. You may have seen video of WEF-Governor Greg Abbott who is transparently assigned by WEF to operate Texas sector. Abbott makes a show of resistance but this is all kayfabe. WEF-Governor Abbott is openly overseeing Texas-sector invasion. You may have seen troops unfurling concertina wire. This again is kayfabe, and a shaping operation.

Exclusive Drone Footage Of Migrants Being Processed & Brought Into Texas–Southern Border Collapse–This alarming footage needs to be seen nationwide!

Watch Midnight Migrant Bus Run In El Paso

THE DARIÉN GAP MASS MIGRATION PIPELINE EXPOSED – CRITICAL INFORMATION FOR ALL AMERICANS This report exposes key information essential to understanding the US southern border crisis in its entirety. Muckraker proves that the implosion of the United States’ southern border is the intentional result of careful planning and is part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aka Agenda 2030. Muckraker brings you inside the Darién Gap, Panama, where migrants bound for the United States are aided in their journey. The mass migration of people to the US is encouraged and funded by various international organizations that provide care, assistance, and migration instructions.

Illegals Bring Scabies and so many other diseases: Nobody Wants Scabies— but share this out so that people who get Scabies in their …

SCABIES: From Border Patrol source just now: “The problem with scabies is that is is highly contagious and the illegal aliens are getting in busses and commercial aircraft to travel around the country. The next person that sits in that seat now has scabies!”


Border Patrol opens gate locked by Texas National Guard to allow illegal immigrants to enter | Fox News

New Mexico Now— this Border Patrol appears to be covering for something–We were on public land

FLASHBACK: UN Document Reveals Plan To Flood America With 600 Million Migrants


Reporter Goes Off On Border Patrol For Secret Human Smuggling Operation Caught On Drone

How are Chinese migrants using social media on trek to the US?

RED CROSS MIGRANT CARE PACKAGES In the migrant camp of San Vicente, Panama, we looked at the contents of a migrant’s Red Cross care package. The package contains various toiletries, a notebook, a flashlight and more. This is in addition to the various maps also handed out by the Red Cross. This is paid for in part by the United States. The most recent federal spending package, H.R. 2617, appropriated another $25,000,000 of taxpayer funds to the Red Cross.

Wonder Where All These Illegal Immigrants Are Going To Live? Your Spare Bedroom Apparently

Two-Mile-Long Vehicle Encampment In California, American Homeless Encampments Are Exploding In Size

Ranchers Report Biggest Cattle Supply Drop In 40 Years As Shortages Hit Grocery Stores:Tens of thousands of ranchers are reporting the largest beef supply drop since 1962 as herds continue to shrink all across the country. 

Homeless Encampments Are Exploding In Size All Over America As Rents Soar And Evictions Surge:That means that a lot more people will be joining the ranks of the homeless, and homeless encampments will continue to rapidly grow all over the country. 

In 55 days EVERYTHING changes for the U.S. Dollar :The collapse of the U.S. dollar is going exactly as planned while the most prominent banks consolidate power. The U.S. dollar becomes digital, total control and surveillance over every financial transactio

The RESTRICT Act is the final TYRANNY nail in the coffin of the crumbling republic

Smart Cities Will Usher In TOTALITARIANISM: Utah Lt. Gov. FREAKS OUT When Asked About 15 Minute City

Climate fanatics say there’s no room for personal choice if global warming is to be stopped: Everyone will need to decrease their standard of living by 75% – using force if necessary

Tyranny In Essex County Canada: Council RUNS AWAY & Cancels Meetings Because MANY, MANY Anti-NWO Opponents

Kentuckians who own less than 5 acres now need licenses to fish, hunt on own property

France brings de-dollarization to Europe by trading in yuan;This is another sign that the inexorable process of de-dollarization has gained momentum and even spread to the European Union. 


Hard Data That Confidence in the Dollar is Cracking

23 US states move to reclaim gold and silver as legal tender

The American Sovereignty Declaration – Sovereignty Coalition


++ NAME Katrina EMAIL k… SUBJECT Sodomites in Florida Threaten to Rape Schoolboy

YOUR MESSAGE  Have you seen this? Dad gets up at school board meeting because his son refused to wear LGBTQAI symbols at his school and was bullied and father lost his job! The sodomites doxxed and threatened his family, including threatening to rape his son!  Comment: Pure evil. The only thing these devils will understand is fire and brimstone, just like Sodom and Gomorrah!

Louisville Bank Shooter Used (He/Him) Pronouns As Woke Extremism Turns Deadly!!!


Shock Video: Teen Boy Identifying As Trans Beats Up Girl After Exposing Genitals in Locker Room

Transgender knifes cabbie to death in Portland; mainstream media plays dumb:Reports from the Oregonian newspaper avoid noting that the assailant, Moses J. Lopez, is a transgender activist with a history of violent threats 

Shock Video Contrasts Royal Academy of Dance’s First Trans Dancer with Ballerina

Dutch TV show ‘Simply Naked’ exposes children to full-on transgender nudity – LifeSite

Horror Stories: Trans Kids At Highest Risk of Suicide & Regret From Body Mutilation

Man BREAKS Trans Woman’s Powerlifting Lifting Record in FEMALE Event to PROVE POINT

Idaho passes law criminalizing transgender mutilation of children

Transgender surgeries linked to horrific and often fatal infections: “I now live in a painful body that no longer belongs to me”

Budweiser sales PLUMMET after company pushed Bud Light male-in-drag trans advertising

Mass Corporate Suicides Taking Place All Across America As Countless Corporations Are Going Broke After Going Woke While Forcing Their Anti-Christian, Pro-LGBTQ Agendas Upon America 

With Ke$ha Cover Songs, “Booty” Comparisons, and Dancing Demons, Transformation Church’s Easter Show Was Something Else

UN report calls for decriminalization of all sexual activity, including between adults and children SQ;THESE PEDOPHILE DEMONIC SCUM NEED TO BE EXPOSED FOR WHO THEY ARE–>LUCIFERIAN CONTRLLED DESTROYERS OF ALL INNOCENCE AND HUMANITY 

Teachers Ordered by Obama-Appointed Judge to Pay $300K after Defying CRT Training

The transgender industry preys on the most vulnerable – the autistic and the abused – turning them into cash-cows for life

Hollywood Actress Speaks Out Against The Horrors Of The Child Porn Industry

++Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your Representative and two Senators urging them to DEFUND the corrupt ATF.

Cancer NIGHTMARE unleashed on the world through both SARS-CoV-2 gain-of-function and the mRNA “vaccine” injections, warns Dr. Cottrell

COVID Vaccines Linked to Untreatable Eyeball Clots, Reveals Massive Study. 

Thousands of Vaccinated Patients Report Their Skin Is ‘Literally Melting’ – Doctors Baffled > What do these vials actually contain that is capable of inflicting such horrors on and in people’s bodies? 

BROKEN U.S. MILITARY: Soldiers Refuse To Comply With Bioweapon Mandate, Lose Pensions

Holding Big Pharma ACCOUNTABLE: J & J To Pay Victims 8.9 Billion For Cancer Causing Baby Powder

Government Censorship of Natural Products on the Rise Hundreds of letters have been sent to natural products companies warning them that if they fall afoul of the FTC’s ridiculous rules by sharing information that can benefit your health, there will be hell to pay. Action Alert!

Our Memories Are Being Erased By Breathing (Toxic Pollutants) New research has linked exposure to air pollution with dementia. We need the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to do better to protect public health. Action Alert!

Recent Case of Severe Microwave Syndrome Reveals Problems With 5G – The Epoch Times

Dangerous gene-edited pigs now authorized by Biden’s Food and Drug Administration

STUDY: Short-term face mask use causes carbon dioxide poisoning – cognitive impairment, testicular damage, stillbirth and impaired memory

Hospitals became DEATH and MURDER facilities during covid, facts show

Warning some profanity: The Dark History of Vaccines: The Manmade Origin of Aids and Other Diseases

PFAS Make You Fat More evidence that environmental exposures are a driver of the obesity epidemic—and another reason to ban PFAS chemicals. Action Alert!

Obesogens: The Secret Cause of Obesity

Chinese Researchers Discover A key (Fulvic Acid) in Graphene Oxide Detox?

The Labels On Your Food Are Shielding LiesThanks to the FDA, food labels are about to get even more misleading. Action Alert!

Is The Healthiest Part Of Dandelion Its Flower?

Reverse Soft Tissue Calcification: Bring Calcium Out Of Tissue & Into Bones

American Fast-Food Chains Use Seaweed, Soy, And Even Wood To Beef Up Menu Items, Study Reveals – 

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Has Been Exposed And It’s Worse Than Any Sarah McLachlan Song

Dalai Lama, Gandhi and Why ALL The Gurus Fall

Elon Musk Babysitter Testimony – “Elon opened a portal”

++No school that has armed teachers has EVER experienced a shooting, much less a mass public shooting.

The single most important thing Congress can do is to allow school faculty and parents to exercise their constitutionally protected right to defend their lives and the lives of our children.

That’s why Gun Owners of America proudly endorses the Teachers Empowered Against Classroom Harm (TEACH) Act, H.R. 2991, which was just introduced by Rep. Andy Ogles.

We’ve been championing the need to harden schools, and this bill would take significant action to help school staff and parents carry firearms on school property to protect our kids.

But to get it past anti-gunners and squishy Republicans in Congress, we need to build support right away – and that starts with securing as many co-sponsors as possible. Please add your name to our pre-written letter to tell your Representative to co-sponsor H.R. 2991, the TEACH Act.

++Please click on the link below to read more about the US Supreme Court decision that was handed down last Friday about the abortion pill. Understanding Justice Alito’s Dissent to the Abortion Pill Ruling To catch up on the case before the Ohio Supreme Court challenging the so-called reproductive rights amendment click on the link below.  A decision is expected any day now and rest assured as soon as it is handed down we will analyze it for you here at Big Week for Court Battles Against Abortion When you’ve finished reading, and if you haven’t already, please consider CLICKING HERE to SIGN and SHARE the petition saying you will stand with peaceful pro-lifers who have recently been arrested by the FBI under the FACE Act, at the same time as calling for the FACE Act to be repealed by the new Congress.

++From: Paul Sent: Tuesday, May 9, 2023 9:02 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: stopworldcontrol–Hi Scott, I just want to provide you with some info about Davin Sorrenson ( creator of I gleaned a lot of information from him during the first year of COVAIDS. I even donated a couple times. However I quickly repented after seeing that on his website he teaches preterism and is totally committed to ALL of the Qanon nonsense

++From: Aimee  Sent: Friday, March 24, 2023 9:15 AM To: Scott Johnson <> Subject:  Note: if want to add to tooth protocol. Aloe Vera -swishing with several times a day is fastest way to heal gums.–alt dentist Dr. Wolf told me yrs. ago. Works for me.PS: Glad to pass along Dr. Wolf’s suggestion.  (who is a dentist that was hassled for a long time, as so many alt Dr.’s and Dentists are) He has a tab along the top tabs of his web page devoted to Aloe Vera.

Another thing that may be helpful to people: I get scale/plaque built up really quickly on my lower teeth. I use to get teeth cleaned 4 x year because of it; until I found this Salt Toothpaste. I’ve been using it for 15 or so years now.

Hygienists always says how clean my teeth are. Something with my metabolism I guess that

makes this work really well for this meat eater –O blood type.  I don’t know if it works well for all metabolisms but for me this is the only toothpaste I’ll use-a game changer!!

++From: alb… Sent: Monday, April 10, 2023 1:28 AMTo: Subject: Transgender Extremist Cult Hello,  My name is Cliff and I’d like to bring to your attention a woke liberal cult called Hyperianism and its leader Morgue Official. There is a manifesto associated with this so-called movement that escapes words in its treachery and derangement, which I will link to here. It’s titled Ihr Kampf – The Manifesto of the Non-Binary Mistress Race. I think that this disgusting cult is shrouding its true message in satire so as to obfuscate the truth from prying eyes. Our children need us to act on this, for their safety and their future. The recent Audrey Hale Covenant School shooting in Nashville highlights the severity of this kind of woke thinking.   Here is the cult leader’s YouTube:
If you check out any of this person’ s Monday or Thursday evening livestreams on his channel, you will catch the depravity of his cult in real time in his live chat. These people are dangerously insane.
And here is their manifesto:  Thank you for reading this, Cliff

++ From: Virginia Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2023 11:19 PM To: Scott Johnson Subject: AI news

You can barely tell these are not real people, but AI generated something-or-other (holograms?) AI bot plans on destroying humans

AI generated news anchors:

++The NIV has 64,098 less words than the KJV . This omission of approximately 10% of the Bible—reduces a typical 1,700-page Bible by 170 pages, not 1 page.

Which Bible? Are all Bibles the Word of God? – Top1 Bible Study

++From: Keith Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 7:44 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Watch “A Spike in Mysterious Deaths – Why are Young People Suddenly Dropping Dead Worldwide?” on YouTube 

Scott Johnson’s Response–Keith: Thank you for forwarding this. I find it is ironic that these devils CBN (“Christian” Broadcasting Network) are one of the main “ministries” that pushed and pressured their viewers to get all the Covid kill shots (I played my audio clips as proof of this in my audios) and now they are wondering why there is a: “A Spike in Mysterious Deaths – Why are Young People Suddenly Dropping Dead Worldwide?”.  Well it’s because of all the Covid kill shots & the other things that led up to that—all of which CBN advised their viewers to follow what the Medical/Pharma cartels were saying to do. A ton of blood on their hands!!! God bless! Scott

++From: Janice H <janice…> Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2023 3:06 PM To: Subject: Re: Contact Us at …BTW, your Invive Mild Silver protein is the single best supplement we take and has been for over  a decade.

++From: Jerry P Sent: Tuesday, February 8, 2022 7:15 PM To: Dr. Scott Johnson <>
Subject: Listener Comments: Invive Colloidal Silver Covid Remedy & Information on the Nasal Application of Colloidal silver and Iodine–Hello Scott, I have been listening to you for many years. And I am a repeat buyer of Invive Colloidal Silver. I also gave the 5,000 ppm to my cat when he had a Rodent’s Ulcer. He was given prednisone and it almost killed him. So, after seeing the antibiotics were not working after a few months, the Invive cleared his condition up in less than three weeks, my vet (who was a shyster) was blown away. He didn’t know what to say. Anyway, I bought the 10,700 Colloidal Silver back when this plandemic first hit, just in case I got it. I was taking all Standard Process supplements along with your suggestions of Selenium, Innate Response Vitamin C, and many other Amino acids…I felt invincible, but took my immunity system for granted. And I did not reorder my supplements on time.

At first, I felt a little run down, a tad weaker in the gym, but the Wednesday before New Year’s Eve I was on the treadmill and I felt winded, I couldn’t get past 2.5 mph? I did a mile and called it a day. Then my appetite decreased, but I still had a desire to eat only fruit. When Covid kicked in, it mimicked the chicken pox for me. I felt it in my scalp, and in my jaw. When I tried to expand my lungs, it would cause a coughing spell that triggered massive headaches. Then I hit the Invive.

I started with a tablespoon every four hours, then did a capful every four hours. I could feel my body get hot… I woke up and the sheets of my bed were soaking wet. The Invive Colloidal Silver killed the Covid in two days.

I did feel drained and tired for three weeks. I got back on my supplements and back to the gym two weeks ago and feel great again. My chiropractor told me if you swab the nasal passages with iodine, hydrogen peroxide, or colloidal silver it will kill the Covid before it enters the sinus.  Thank you, Scott, for all you have taught me. I look forward to all of your podcasts. God Bless,–Jerry P

++From: Kif 777 <d…>To: Scott Johnson <> Subject: Invive Testimony

Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2022 8:36 AM–Hi Scott, I ordered a 6 pack of the 5000ppm silver (seems like the best deal) when my wife and I became ill in late Dec last year. Everyone around us here in Toronto was testing positive for COVID (which doesn’t mean much) but we were very sick and my wife was and is pregnant. After weeks of being sick with hacking coughs and fevers the silver arrived and we both began taking it in about 10 drop doses multiple times a day.

After two days the main symptoms had lifted and we both started to recover from this long drawn illness – it was a Godsent.

But I noticed other effects from the silver. I had these marks that had been forming on my back behind where my heart is.

For years these marks have slowly been growing – I also had a sharp pain around my heart which I figured was some sort of infection.

However, when I went to our wonderful, socialist hospitals I was told nothing was wrong; and the #1 questions everyone here is asked who needs help but doesn’t get is, “are you sure you’re not high on drugs and just paranoid?”

Our healthcare system is broken. 

The abnormal amount of phlegm I was coughing up coincide with the dissipation of the chest pain AND the gradual healing of the marks on my back.  My pregnant wife is also thriving – its common for women to fear taking strong cures while pregnant, but she had no side effects as promised and is better than ever! I can’t say how appreciative I am of you and what you have done by publishing free protocols and medical treatments like Invive – I know God has your rewards for such charity stored up and waiting for you. God bless! 

Mild Silver Protein Website:

++From: Craig Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2023 11:13 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: King James Resources Audio and Singing–These are two King James Bible resources.  Sharing them for you and your listeners.

The first is Bible reading from the King James.  He does a good job “Just in the Bible” Here is a female singing the King James Bible.  It is good also.

++From: Susan S <susans…> Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2023 6:27 PM To: av161177777 Subject: Fired Up For God: Peter’s Passion & Anger – Seeking God Daily  

Came across this article and thought of you.  In all of the fire and passion you have, I see, like Peter, you have a love for Jesus that is beyond inspirational! If some of what is said of you (from your unhappy listeners)is a little true (I’m not saying it is), it is those who had hardship and struggle who can truly attest to the power of Faith and makes you a powerful witness! I appreciate your fire for Christ and the hatred of evil.

Your trust and devotion to Jesus are things we rarely see in the world today, which I also appreciate.

I quoted much of what was in the article to you because that is how I perceive you, if it’s any consolation. I know I’m only one, but im sure many of your listeners would agree.God Bless! Susan

PS: Also Watch “David Wilkerson – Last Days Deception [Must Hear]” on YouTube  I listened to this this morning. After I read your email about you not being like the “mild mannered pastors” I thought about this Sermon! This is why “Christians” want everything sugar coated! These unhappy listeners emailing you clearly never listened to David Wilkerson or Paul Washer’s sermons.

++From: Jason <jsch…> Sent: Monday, May 1, 2023 3:02 PM To: Scott Johnson <>

Subject: Truth Shock–Good afternoon Scott,I just felt the need to let you know how I came to find your ministry, after listening to your audio from today. About 4 years ago, this whole “lion will lie down with the Lamb” debacle hit home for me, and I was scouting anything I could find and any references I could find who were at least having a conversation about this seeming elephant in the room. And I was astonished that I could not find any “mainstream” pastors or teachers who would even mention this phenomenon.

One channel on YouTube that was talking about this was truth shock tv. And so of course day after day I would listen to every video or audio of his to try and understand what was going on with my Bible.

Whoever this truth shock guy is, he doesn’t have a whole lot of people talking on his videos because of course not many folks have the fortitude to even bring it up. So after hearing your voice on more than a few of his videos….I was bound and determined to find out who you were and try to find any content that you might have regarding this subject. And if I remember correctly, someone had posted a comment stating your name….from there I found your old sermon audios but they weren’t able to be played, and somehow came to find your ministry, which I have been subscribed to ever since, cant wait to listen to your take on current events every single week, and has been completely an answer to my prayers!  

So I would agree that this truth shock guy is purposely leaving you out for some reason or another? That’s between him and The Lord I guess….but I just wanted give you a little encouragement in that I have tried tens of churches in my area in the past over 5 years since my old church pastor went on to be with Jesus, but cannot find one that I want my family to be too involved in as so many seem to be so cult like that I don’t feel the need to have my family get caught up in worldly 501c3 church business just to say that we belong to a church.

You and I are the church brother, and your ministry has helped navigate me and my family through the past 3 plus years of CV and all the wickedness that this world has to offer…and I am so unbelievably thankful that I was able to find your ministry, even if it was through the veil of truth shock tv channels deception! So many of your audios feel like an extension of what my heart is crying out towards this dying world, and I want to thank you for that.

Sorry this was long winded I know you get a lot of emails I’m sure, but I also wanted to thank you for being able to tackle this mandela thing, but then be able to shrug it off and move on with Jesus in the day and hour we are living in. For some, it’s not so easy to realize what was happening in their Bible….and then just keep on truckin so to speak in daily walk with The Lord.  That was a good encouragement on your end to cover the issue, acknowledge it, and move on in our faith and not dwell there for years! Every once in a while I’ll hear you pray against Mandela changes in the prayer list, acknowledge it, then move on.  Thanks again Scott, God bless!=

++From: Mk  Sent: Friday, May 12, 2023 7:35 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Fwd: Thousands lining up for compensation, claiming the COVID vaccine made them sick–When this is being reported by mainstream media, then you know things are bad. I’m so glad I listened to you and refused the vaccine, even turning down a lucrative prison job, but God had my back and I now work from home with almost the same pay.  Have no plans to go back full time, even though mandates were lifted last year in New Zealand. Most of family members and relatives all lined up and took the jabs. Even my GP was putting undue pressure on me to take the shot and refused to give me an exemption letter, transpires they were being given incentives for every jab they rolled out. I really felt like an outcast but boy am I so relieved I heeded your advice and said no to the kill shot. Best wishes Subject: Thousands lining up for compensation, claiming the COVID vaccine made th…