Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-18-21

1 John 3:8b: For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

++From: Laurel–Subject: Adrenochrome Documentary–God bless you, Scott, and thank you for your service to the Lord Jesus Christ! In your latest Audio Update there is a link to Adrenochrome documentation.  It shows the pages and pages of the information.  It’s hard to watch and take in all this information about the children being abused.  But I figure, if they are suffering so much, the least I can do is honour them and acknowledge that this vile stuff is happening to them – and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for these dear children and ask God for judgement on those who perpetrate such vile actions on the innocent and expose them. Here’s the video: ADRENOCHROME: THE LEAKED DOCUMENTS

++ From: psalm64 Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 8:39 PM Subject: SouthPark promoting NAMBLA–Scott, not sure if you’ve seen this. Truly vile!:

SHOCK: BOAT LOADS Of Pregnant Migrants Arrive In The Dark Of Night In Texas

MS13 Smuggler Helping Biden Admin Move Migrants

++The blockbuster release, “Silent Cry: The Darker Side of Trafficking” by indie filmmaker Josh Peck and SkyWatch TV, which exposes the true horrors of the child sex trafficking that permeates our country

Big Tech Pouring BILLIONS Into Harvesting Blood of the Young So Elites Can Live and Rule Forever

Biden Admin Offering Major Reward to Employees Who Help Border Crossers

Dems Trying To Replace Electorate With Obedient Third World Voters…

Massive Child Sex Ring Busted at State Youth Facility — Hundreds of Kids Tortured and Raped

Governor Kristi Noem Refuses to Accept Illegal Migrants in South Dakota. Iowa and South Carolina Block Unaccompanied Migrant Children.  (Summary & Story)


Obama Steps Out Of Shadows To Take Over For Biden

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Includes Making ‘Diverse’ Neighborhoods Across America Through Zoning Laws

Gun Control Is Here! Everything You Need to Know

CNN Technical Director Admits to Using Fearmongering and Propaganda Lies to Push Leftist Racial and Climate Agendas  (Summary & Story)

BLM Activist Says ‘All Hell Will Break Loose’ If Derek Chauvin Isn’t Found Guilty – YouTube

“All Hell Will Break Loose” Top BLM Chief Declares Fate of Minneapolis After Chauvintrial – YouTube


Action Alert  Act Now America: Say NO To Vaccine Passports

Unless there is massive resistance Americans will likely have to navigate a maze of vaccine “passports”


Canadians Dragged From Their Homes and Vaccinated – Hospitals Are Empty

Montreal Police RAID Rebel News Airbnb,10-hour standoff ensues

Psaki says: White House Targeting ‘White Conservative Communities’ to strengthen vaccine compliance

Pentagon scientists reveal a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body BEFORE you show symptoms and a filter that extracts the virus from blood

California: Podcaster Gets Police Visit after ‘Lightly’ Criticizing AOC on Twitter  (Summary & Story)

Biden’s CDC Director Says Racism is a “Serious Public Health Threat”  (Summary & Story)

200 Covid Nazi cops to lock down a church in Canada!!!!

Biden Admin Drops $3 Billion So Nascar & CMT Will Brainwash Conservatives Into Taking Covid Vax

MEDICAL BIGOTRY: Racist doctors in Boston push to deny healthcare services to White people, based entirely on the color of their skin

The NFL just took the strongest pro-vaccination stance in American pro sports

CASEDEMIC NEVER ENDS: Merkel to Push for ‘Short National Lockdown’ in Germany in Response to Rising CASES

A growing number of US colleges and universities are requiring students to get Covid-19 vaccinations

Hawaii’s Safe Travels vaccine Kill Shot card announcement expected by end of week

Pope Francis, Once Again, Calls for a New World Order and ‘Universal Vaccines’

Pfizer CEO Says Third Covid Vaccine Dose Likely Needed Within 12 Months


The Defiled COVID Vaccinated Will Become A Killing Machine On Humanity

Are Conversations About COVID Vaccines Fracturing Your Family? Here’s What You Need to Know.

BOOM! Study From Tel Aviv University: Coronavirus Variant Affects Vaccinated People 8 Times More Than Unvaccinated

Expert Cardiologist Warns Covid Vaccines Could Cause Mad Cow Disease

Breaking: U.S. Pauses Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, Citing ‘Rare’ Blood Clots

Belgium Must Lift ‘All COVID-19 Measures’ Within 30 Days, Brussels Court Rules

Human rights attorney, Leigh Dundas, holds the CA board of education to account for secretly pushing vaccines on innocent children

5 Reasons Johnson & Johnson Is Having a Very Bad Month

‘Up to 80 percent’ in Sicily refuse AZ vaccine: president

New Kentucky Law Preserves Vaccine Exemptions Even During Pandemic

++ From: Aimee–Subject: Real Local Action That’s Winning – and HOW They Did it–Inspiring work to quell the Agenda

Orange County Students Won’t Be Forced to Get Coronavirus Vaccines




Proof that the World Health Organization Relabeled Flu Cases as Covid-19 to Invent the Pandemic

Alberta flu season wraps up with zero reported cases!!!

In World First, Denmark Ditches AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Shot–Health Minister Faints During Announcement.  (Summary & Story)

Chance of Getting Infected from Touching Contaminated Surface is Only One in Ten Thousand

5,800 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19: CDC


CDC: 3,005 Recorded Deaths in VAERS Following COVID-19 Experimental “Vaccines” – More than Total Vaccine Deaths for Past 13+ Years ++ Please Note That On Average ONLY 1% of vaccine injuries are ever reported to VAERS(Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)  

Covid-19 Vaccine Death Count Continues to Rise

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a COVID Vaccine

Netherlands: Man Dies Minutes After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine

Woman Details Severe COVID Vaccine Reaction – “Within Minutes I Knew I Was Going To Pass Out”

My Mum Died After Covid Shot                   

Healthy 43-Year-Old Man Suffers Stroke From Blood Clot Hours After Receiving J&J Vaccine

Caution Language: Shock Footage: Freshly Vaxxed Man Suffers Seizure Inside Car at Drive-Thru Covid Vaccine Site A second man in a red car also appears to be fainting following the vaccine…“Folks just passing out,” another person says.

In a caption appearing on Instagram, the person who filmed the adverse reactions describes witnessing “a wave of seizures” in the minutes after the footage was shot. “The beginning was much more chaotic,” writes Instagram user Zetaattlast. “It was like a wave of seizures jumping from car to car and mine was next!”

Watch: 12-year-old Child Suffers Horrific Side Effects Following Covid Vaccine Trial

Doctor Issues Dire Warning Against Covid-19 Vaccine for Children

Bombshell!: COVID-19 | Frontline Workers, Testimonies & VAERs Reports 3-21-2021

Patient who got blood clot after receiving vaccine, dies

++From: Patricia–Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2021 8:52 PM–Subject: Actually, the blood supply is already heavily contaminated with COVID vaccine. Remember blood, RBC’s in particular, is only good 21 days to 45 days, and we have to discard it after that if it is not used. There is NO DEFERRAL TIME for anyone who has had the three big vaccines, so immediately people started giving blood as soon as they were vaccinated.  So the blood supply is already heavily contaminated


Countdown to Disclosure – The Secret Technology Behind the Space Force (2021)

Navy spots pyramid-shaped UFOs on video, Pentagon confirms – YouTube

Leaked: Pentagon’s UFO Investigation Spotlighted In New Photos And Video | TODAY – YouTube

Survey Results and Testimonials: More Symptoms and Illness Reported After Internet Satellites Launched

B.C. father gets 6 month prison sentence after speaking against trans child’s hormone treatments

A perverted parent is suing to overturn NY law to allow them to marry their own child

Star NBA Players Cash Checks From Chinese Sneaker Companies Proudly Using Slave Labor

RATS AS BIG AS CATS PLAGUE THE UK! 80% rise in rat activity; A new “war” breaking out on the streets of Britain – with offices and restaurants closed for much of the year, rat populations have exploded in residential areas


NAME Aimee SUBJECT DNA defiling chimera now official! YOUR MESSAGE Scientists report creating the FIRST embryo WITH HUMAN and NON HUMAN CELLS COMBINED!!  The shocking defilement of humanity is really sinking to an all time low. This article confirms the LORD’S words regarding Noah and the end days were DNA is being defiled.


Dan 11:32b:.. but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.


Act 4:10  Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.

Act 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Last words and a vision of Hell…  The Biblical Remedy: True Salvation