Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-13-22

Ecc 8:11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

2 Ch 15:7 Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded.

Ephesians 5:20 Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

Video: Computer Vote Crime Spikes Show How The Midterms Were Stolen

On The Verge Of The Worst Homelessness Crisis In The Entire History Of The United States

A Crippling Shortage Of Diesel Fuel Threatens To Devastate Western Economies In 2023

Fuel company issues diesel shortage alert in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina

Slow Motion Economic Train Wreck; Nearly 40% of small businesses in the US failed to pay rent in October

‘I’m selling my blood’: millions in US can’t make ends meet with two jobs More Americans have been working two or more jobs over the past few decades, census data shows! NOTE TO EVERYONE VOTE YOUR GROCERY AND GAS BILLS AGAINST THOSE RESPONSIBLE 

Buy Lots Of Food And Stock Up Now Because This Is Going To Be A Really Dark Winter

Barges “dead in the water” in drought-stricken Mississippi River; supply chains collapsing

Economic collapse now imminent: Mortgage demand has bottomed out as rents also begin to slow

Why the world’s PENSION FUNDS are WRECKED

Americans Are Skipping Meals and Medications Because They Can’t Afford Them

The Middle Class Is Dying! 50 Percent Of All American Workers Made Less Than $3,133 A Month Last Year

Owner Reports Final Price Tag to Replace Electric Vehicle Battery: $23,000

Electric vehicles are exploding from water damage after Hurricane Ian, top Florida official warns

7 Simple Ways to Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars

Tesco Grocery Stores Seek To Implement Biometric Payments By Next Year And Exclude Cash Payments –

Nokia CEO Says 6G Will Render Smartphones Obsolete By 2030 And Will Be Integrated Into Your Body Instead –

5G Whistleblower Exposes the Matrix He Helped Create | ACTAS #30

UK Going Cashless As Over A Third Of Brits Abandon Physical Tender For Contactless Payments –


Elon Wears Halloween Costume with Baphomet on His Chest And upside-down cross in the center of the Goat Head. The armor is called “Devil’s Servant”. 


Come out of her my people

FBI Conducts “No-Knock Warrant” At Home Of Owner Of Website Devoted To Area 51


++From: Deborah  Subject: Brazil’s Bolsonaro Concedes — ‘The election is over, I will respect the result’…Re: Brazil Truckers Shut Down Highways….Re: Brazil Communist Coup in Progress (Warning, Graphical Images)–Caves in exactly like Trump did, after BLATANT election Fraud.  So looks like Bolsonaro is another WEF “controlled opposition” puppet just like Trump.  I feel sorry for the deceived Brazilians.  All of our Elections are FAKE elections:

Bolsonaro Concedes — ‘The election is over, I will respect the result’…

Brazilian protesters swarm military base… Raw

Brazil’s Electoral Fraud Was So Blatant They Rigged It To Give Bolsonaro Zero Votes In Many Districts [543×1024 – 88KB]

Biden campaign bragged about rigging Brazilian election against Bolsonaro


Pro-life Activists Ordered To Pay $2.4M To Planned Parenthood For Undercover Investigation

++The FBI is arresting Christians–You must understand that the FBI is being weaponized against its political enemies. No longer are they magistrates that uphold good, eschew evil, but instead, the opposite is taking place. Christians are being arrested, while leftists are allowed to go free. 6 of these Christians are personal friends of mine. This is our latest 2-minute video. We cannot be silent on this issue. The tyrants will only continue to wax worse and worse. You MUST take time to watch this video from Tucker Carlson about the eleven as it gives the details, is a full of truth, and contextualizes the situation.  &  &  &–Pastor Matt Trewhella

Preacher locked up for NO reason! We urgently need your help! Torben Søndergaard is still being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after three months.


ATF may CRIMINALIZE millions of Americans in 2023: Mr. William Kirk from Washington Gun Law

++Please add your name to urge your Representative to co-sponsor Rep. Boebert’s bill as well as to pressure your two Senators to introduce a companion bill in the Senate to REPEAL the massive gun control bill that is NOW going into effect.

WEF Young Global Leader Tulsi Gabbard Showcases Her Marksmanship Skills Even Though She Supports Strict Gun Regulations. UPDATE: Gabbard Officially Denounces Democratic Party Based on her current actions and statements, it seems her handlers are trying to groom her and prime the conservative masses to accept her in a possible new role they have for her. What that is I don’t know yet, but she is definitely getting primed for some new acting role.

The Truth About Tulsi Gabbard

NY Starts Mass Confiscation Via Executive Order


Former NFL Player Dwight Smith Admits The NFL is RIGGED – ’The Games Are Not Decided On The Field’

The Top 10 Rigged NFL Plays of Week 4 Remember, It’s All ‘ENTERTAINMENT’


++Your Food Grown From Poison-Coated Seeds How the use of pesticide-coated seeds led to an environmental catastrophe that turned a small American town into a virtual Superfund site. Action Alert!

++FDA Attacks Heart Health Modality The FDA appears to be moving against compounded EDTA, a crucial medicine used to remove heavy metals from the body. Action Alert!

++The Supplement Threat You Didn’t Hear About At the 11th hour, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) tried to slip his anti-supplement regulation into yet another must-pass bill. He failed, but he will try to do so again this year. Action Alert!

++FDA’s ‘Healthy’ Failure The FDA has proposed a revamped definition of what a “healthy” food is, and while there are some improvements, it shows that the federal government continues to get it wrong on nutrition. Action Alert!

++PFAS Found in Tampons More disturbing evidence of the presence of toxic “forever” chemicals in common consumer products. Action Alert!

GMI: “250 Scientists Highlight Concerns With Earbuds” (views: 2241)  <<<increasing your risk of neurological disorders

NuManna update: Distributor cuts all ties with NuManna, asks public to understand distributors had ZERO KNOWLEDGE of NuManna’s label fraud and false claims

6 Stretches You Should Do Everyday To Improve Flexibility And Function


Dr. Meryl Nass: More Vaccine Deaths Reported to VAERS in the Last 20 Months Than All Vaccines in the Last 30 Years Combined

CV19 Vax Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People – Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Experts estimate 20 million are already dead due to the COVID Kill Shot & over 2 billion injured!

Government reports prove COVID Vaccination is killing Hundreds of Thousands every week & Confidential Pfizer Documents confirm your Government knew it would happen

Dr. Tenpenny: A Tsunami of dead is about to arrive–If you have some relatives and friends who have had at least one of the injections–I think you should view them as if they had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness

++COVID Vax Handed Permanent Immunity & Fauci Says to Expect Annual Shots As we’ve long suspected would happen, last week the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously to recommend adding COVID-19 vaccines to the federal Vaccines for Children Program and to the 2023 childhood, adolescent and adult immunization schedules. Action Alert


Dr. David Nixon joins us to reveal footage NEVER before seen anywhere in the world – real-time footage of the nanotechnology inside the COVID-19 injections assembling robotic arms that guide the nanotechnology development.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi – Gene Altering mRNA Vax
Tech To Be New Platform For ALL Vaccines

Cardiologist says all covid jabs must be suspended IMMEDIATELY

80 Canadian Doctors Suddenly And Suspiciously Passed After 2021 – Explained By Dr. William Makis

BREAKING NEWS: CJ Law defeats NYC Vaccine Mandate. Judge strikes mandate down as unconstitutional, arbitrary and capricious. Historic victory for NY’s Strongest and the rest of NYC’s public

Military whistleblowers say cancer, miscarriages and heart disease all up 300% following covid injection mandates

Florida Surgeon General Issues Vaccine Warning…84% increase in cardiac deaths…

Can’t Make This Up – Moderna CEO Announces Development of New mRNA “Injection” to Repair Heart Muscle After a Heart Attack, & wait for it, which too is caused by their mRNA COVID shot!



Biotech analyst Karen Kingston unveils PATENTS and documents describing the covid vaccine 5G link, biosynthetic AI nanotech, “soft actuators” and NEUROWEAPONS implanted with needles

Russia imposes COVID jab mandate on citizens conscripted to fight war in Ukraine Are They Trying To Kill Off Their Own Troops? 

National Guard Gives Service Members COVID-19 Vaccine Instead Of Influenza Shot Efforts To Crush US Military Continue

BEYOND ALL HOPE: Even after millions of global covid vaccine deaths, 49% of Americans still plan to get a flu shot this winter

Funeral Directors & Embalmers Unite to Expose A Day in the Death of Life

Top government vax pushing doctors knew the fix was in and they knew it the whole time, even as they pushed it [2 min video]

Covid jabs are killing people “plain and simple,” says investigator

Pfizer Director Admits Before European Parliament The “Vaccines” Were Never Tested For Stopping Transmission Of Covid-19

Pfizer admitted the vaccine was never tested to block transmission, ergo the premise of the vaccine passport was built on a lie.

America’s Frontline Doctors on Twitter: “A team of nine scientists from top universities including Harvard and John Hopkins recently published research about the safety and efficacy of the COVID Jab–Their conclusions are shocking!

Marvel pushing vaccine indoctrination of children in new digital covid vaccine comic book that partners with Pfizer

MIT Scientist Warns Parents NOT TO GIVE CHILDREN Vaccine, Could Cause ‘Crippling’ Neurodegenerative Disease In Young People

Deaths Among Female Children Increase by 57% Immediately After Taking Covid-19 Vaccine

Denmark Bans Covid Vaccine for Children

D.C. To  EXPEL CHILDREN From School If They Don’t Get The Covid Vaccine

FDA Approve COVID Vaccine for 6-month-old Babies Despite Data Proving Vaccinated Children Are 30,200% More Likely To Die Than Unvaccinated Children

Leading Pathologist Speaks Out About Dangerous COVID Vaccine Effects

Shocking New Studies On The Dangers and Serious Side Effects Of Covid Vaccine

COVID Vaccines Increase Menstrual Irregularities Thousandfold, Fetal Abnormalities Hundredfold: Doctors’ VAERS Analysis

75% Of Vaccinated Women Have Miscarriages In The First Trimester

CDC Caught Using False Data To Recommend Kids’ COVID Vaccine

Vaccines for 6-Month-Olds ‘Makes Absolutely No Sense’: Dr. Jeffrey Barke

MIT: COVID Vaccines ‘Significantly Associated’ with Spike in Heart Attacks in Young People

Data Proves ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ Fiction–It Is Death by Covid Vaccination

FDA Authorizes Emergency Use COVID Vaccine Boosters for Children Ages 5 -11

3-year-old girl dies of heart attack one day after taking COVID vaccine

Italy’s Meloni gov’t announces it will reinstate unvaxxed doctors, cancel fines for COVID jab mandates – LifeSite –

Finland REFUSES to Recommend Bivalent Boosters for Working-Age People

Food Writer Julie Powell Who Wished Death Upon The Unvaxxed Dies Of Cardiac Arrest –

Canada is pro-death: The “world leader in euthanasia” is now considering medically-assisted suicide of children WITHOUT parental consent

The Insane World of False Christian Teachers

++NAME Timothy SUBJECT Young Elon Musk’s babysitter – Elon opens a portal  

The last few minutes are the most important. If the address isn’t right, it’s on youtube, under the name “Elon Musk Babysitter Testimony – “Elon opened a portal.” Two things about this specific event. 1 – the entities were tall and very beautiful. (Deceptive) 2 – when one grabbed her by the throat, she called on Jesus. The event stopped, and her and young Elon went tumbling out of the room. Elon asked “why don’t you like my friends?”

The babysitter was an MK ULTRA victim and her style of speech shows years of being fragmented. It also seems to verify that this isn’t a “rehearsed” story. You may well have ready seen this, and even covered it. I keep you in prayer. Blessings in Jesus name.

++From: Bryan Sent: Friday, October 28, 2022 11:37 PM To: Subject: Re: – i was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, and it is ridiculous and highly unusual that I got saved in my late 20s – your dedicated teachings on salvation are what made it happen – I was enveloped in the sensual “invite jesus into your heart garbage” works-based false gospel after leaving the JW cult (this after heavy metal and near overt satanism), no different than the original JW cult doctrine.  I remember I was horribly demonically attacked just before being saved – I could not comprehend the gospel (it was so bizarre, when the gospel is so simple!)  It was the pulling down of a terrible stronghold!!!God bless you and take care-Bryan

++From: Contact Us Form Submission Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2022 4:02 AM To: NAME Jeremy SUBJECT 1st time listener YOUR MESSAGE I stumbled upon your site on my mobile device and listened to the ‘Halloween part 1’ episode and some of part 2 and I was blown away by the power of the Most High because of your teachings. My last 5 years of ‘truth journey’ has led me to your site by the power of God. Thank You ….

++From: Janice Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2022 8:41 AM To: Scott Johnson <>; \
Subject: Confirmation for KJV I want to briefly thank you and also confirm to you what y’all have written about the KJV’s accuracy (well prior to the “Mandela” changes). My late husband, Scott, and I got to know Br. Hoyer in the 1980s, an elderly European man who at that time was considered one of the top Greek/Hebrew Bible scholars in the world. Part of his endeavors included a lifelong project of numerically translating scripture in a way no one else had ever done. He did it with long hand math, not with calculators, so it was labor intensive and was taking him decades.  But it was proving mathematically the absolute infallibility and divine accuracy of the KJV.  Those mathematical formulas in every verse of the KJV were not in any other translation. Scott was working towards his PhD in computer science back then and wrote up a computer program for Bro Hoyer that allowed him to do in minutes the calculations which had always taken him months.

Bottom line of all this is that the KJV contains a consistent mathematical code in every word and every sentence structure ( not the same ones publicized in the popular books like Theomatics) which go way beyond man’s ability to accomplish.  It is the same mathematically in both the Hebrew and Greek too. I wish I had paid more attention to all this but had assumed Scott would explain the code process to me whenever I wanted.  Now, after his death I don’t even know where to find the computer program he wrote.  But it proved beyond a doubt that the KJV is divinely written.

++Contraception & the Bible By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 21, 2007–In this teaching many will be shocked at the way many birth control methods actually work. From “The Pill”, to “The Patch” to IUD’s all are potentially “Abortifactive” according to the companies that make them. Gen 1:28: “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it…” Gen. 9:7: And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.” While Catholics reject (or, at least, they are supposed to reject) contraception because their Pope tells them to, Christians are only supposed to listen to the Word of God. From the apostles to 1930, however, no true Christian denomination or group ever permitted the practice, and it was Christian state legislatures across the country that made the trafficking of contraceptives illegal until the Supreme Court intruded in Griswold v. Connecticut, paving the way for Roe v. Wade. So in other words 75 years ago this message would of not been necessary because the topic was not a topic worthy of debate. Contraception was considered by Christians a grievous sin, and that fact was a forgone conclusion that was not debated by Christians. Did you know the word “contraception” is not even listed in the Websters 1828 dictionary. So the next questions to ask yourself would be: Are the Christians of today more right with God than those of the times past. The Bible warns us speaking about the Laodicean church and current church age in Rev. 3:14-19.

++ This is from a Catholic source, but it does explain how IUD’s can be abortifactive: Stanford and Mikolajczyk, “Mechanisms of action of intrauterine devices,” American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2002;187:1699-708 — reviews many past studies to reach some remarkable conclusions about IUDs. First, there is ample evidence that IUDs not only prevent conception, they also destroy the conceived prenatal prior to implantation. Stanford found several mechanisms of action of IUDs that operate between conception and implantation: “slowing or speeding the transport of the early embryo through the fallopian tube, damage to or destruction of the early embryo before it reaches the uterus, and prevention of implantation.” These same mechanisms also apply to many types of chemical contraceptives, other than IUDs.

++ Birth Control Pills Shown to Alter Structure of Women’s Brains!

++ This is also from a Catholic source but overall good information: YouTuber with over 8 million followers exposes ‘dark side of birth control pill’–Dr. Eric Berg said the long-term effects of removing natural hormones from a woman’s body are quite dangerous, negatively affecting menopause, bone function, and even longevity

++ How does the pill work? The birth control pill can work in one of three ways:

  1. It can prevent ovulation (releasing an egg from the ovary)
  2. It can cause the mucus in the cervix to change so that if sperm reach the cervix, they are not allowed to enter, and
  3. It can irritate the lining of the uterus so that if the first two actions fail, and the woman does become pregnant, the tiny baby boy or girl will die before he or she can actually attach to the lining of the uterus.

In other words, if the third action occurs, the woman’s body rejects the tiny baby and he or she will die. This is called a chemical abortion.


++From: Paul Sent: Tuesday, November 1, 2022 10:05 AM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Hey Scott…Also, like you and many others, I have been dealing with tooth pain and gum sensitivity issues. For other reasons I decided to try Black Seed Oil. In a couple of days using it I noticed that my gum issues were improving. And I was just swallowing it. I then decided to apply it to my gums twice daily with a cue-tip. Now my tooth pain and gum issues have completely resolved. I don’t know if this is just covering up an underlying cause, but I am going to continue. And the oil has also gotten me off Amlodipine for high blood pressure. The brand of oil I’m using is Amazing Herbs Premium Black Seed Oil.


—–Original Message—–From: joanna Sent: Wednesday, November 2, 2022 2:11 PM To:
Subject: Thoughts on looking in to something! Hi Scott This subject has been on my mind quite a lot lately and it is the subject of the menopause. For a few months now certain workplaces have been pushing this as a really big thing. Training now goes on about the subject and ‘wellbeing’ events/workshops are popping up also inclusive of the subject. I always ask why things are pushed/are happening and the outcomes are usually the ones I have suspicions of them being!!

Well the menopause! What a wonderfully ‘natural’ event occurrence to be used to cover all the things that are happening to ‘shot’ women of that age and younger! Women under forty are now all convinced they are going through the peri menopause (I am sure that didn’t exist until fairly recently, although I could be wrong!), I just never look in to or get caught up with any of the medical or healthcare garbage.  Periods starting again, heavy bleeding, no bleeding, intense pain etc etc! No worries girls, it’s all part of the dastardly menopause! Isn’t it so hard for us all!!  And boom they are all convinced that is what it is!!  You may well have covered this but I wanted to put it to you to see if you could possibly make a mention of it to try and wake someone up! The funny thing is, my lady work colleagues never wonder or ask how I am just fine and am the only one who isn’t suffering! Thank you and Praise the Lord Jesus!–Joanna