Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-31-20

Jesus Said: Mat 6:16 Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Mat 9:15: And Jesus said unto them, Can the children of the bridechamber mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them? but the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken from them, and then shall they fast.

Rare Blue Moon Coming on Halloween This Year ++So you have a rare blue full moon on the highest Satanic night of the year: Helloween. It does not get much more occultically significant than that.

Businesses are boarding up windows and pulling guns off the shelves in anticipation of widespread election unrest

Michigan Officially Starts Covid Track & Tracing – Next Will Be Mandatory Apps On Your Phones

Walmart Removes Guns & Ammunition From Shelves in Preparation For Election Unrest

Bill Gates/Satan on COVID-19: Even by Fall of 2021 we won’t be completely back to normal

More Mainstream Lies!!:


Ultimate Proof–21 Irrefutable Facts Proving C-o-v-i-d-19 was Pre-Planned to Usher in Global Governance

A group of over 500 medical doctors in Germany called ‘Doctors for Information’ made a shocking statement during a national press conference: ‘The C-o-r-o-n-a panic is a play. It’s a scam. A swindle. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.’

COVID-19 SCAMdemic gives Maryland Dept of Education authority over church’s children ministries<<Stacey Shiflett Podcast Episode 6 – Civil Disobedience

UK POLICE TO RAID HOMES OVER HOLIDAY DINNERS–Police in England can break up family Christmas dinners to enforce Covid rules

Cramer Warns of New Lockdowns: Everyone ‘Fearful’…
Store Security Guard Stabbed 27 Times After Asking Sisters To Wear Masks…

From: John
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 4:42 PM
Subject: Watch “Live: Colorado Governor To Issue Statewide Mask Mandate | NBC News This is where rubber meets road we either choose to be slaves and give in constantly or we say heck no its illegal and an illegal order no matter what they threaten psychopaths can’t be negotiated with …..if u submit it won’t bring peace trust me …just a sickening thing I will never wear a mask u criminal scum…

DNA Defiled & Tracked 24/7–Everything You Do Not Know about COVID 19–Here is the TRUTH 100%

Remdesivir Gets FDA Approval, but WHO Says Drug Ineffective for COVID

Flu shots just killed nine people in South Korea – and the season is only getting started

Another 25 citizens pronounced DEAD from the flu shot in Korea

Wayback Machine Latest Victim of Big Tech Censorship

Pfizer to Start Testing its Covid-19 Vaccine in Children as Young as 12

Brazilian Doctor Dies Participating in AstraZeneca’s COVID-19..

Merck Partners With Drone Startup Volansi For Vaccine Delivery

Vaccines 500,000 Women and Children Sterilized by Vaccines

DC Bill Would Allow Children 11 and Up to Be Vaccinated Without Parental Consent Urgent action is needed before November 10, 2020 to stop a predatory bill! The Council of the District of Columbia (D.C. Council) is moving quickly to pass dangerous legislation that would remove parents from their children’s healthcare decision-making.

Under B23-0171, children 11 and older would be able to give consent for doctors and other vaccine administrators to vaccinate them without their parents’ knowledge or consent. (This includes the impending coronavirus vaccine that’s being brought to market at warp speed that has serious safety concerns.) The bill would also require insurance companies, vaccine administrators and schools to conceal from parents that the child has been vaccinated. Take Action Here

Vancouver Council Votes Against Mandatory Mask Mandate

A cashless society is an end to your freedom: NOW IN CHINA! “Can’t Eat, Can’t Travel, Can’t Rent”

From: Ian
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2020 3:12 PM
Subject: London Has Fallen

Check this video out Scott, some of the busiest shops in the world that have closed down completely!.

Also the video this guy puts out straight after this video is very interesting to do with the economy, i would recommend a look at it.


Trump’s & the MSM OUTRAGEOUS LIES vs Wide Spread Destruction Of People Lives–Gaslighter’s Dream Come True

Facebook Censorship Nazis Now Hitting Christians And Patriots With ‘Complex Entities Interactions’ Ban Lasting Two Months For First Violation

Hate crime bill: Hate talk in homes ‘must be prosecuted’–Conversations over the dinner table that incite hatred must be prosecuted under Scotland’s hate crime law, the justice secretary has said. It will introduce an offence of stirring-up of hatred against people with protected characteristics, including disability, sexual orientation and age.

Smartphones “As soon as you turn it on, is not yours anymore”

Stop 5G Rollout & Protect the Public from Harmful Radiation That Can Cause CANCER and DNA DAMAGE

War Drums:

War begins (Oct 28 2020) : Russian Deploys Thousands Of Soldiers & Shot Missile Near China Border Moscow’s decision to send reinforcements comes at the back of rising tensions in the eastern strategic directionRussia’s eastern border with China 

Protesters break police station windows and officers deploy tear gas in DC as looters ransack stores in Philadelphia after the deaths of two black men 

WAR BEGINS! Japan Order To Shoot Any China Fishing Boats, After Increasing Number of China Fishing Boats in EEZ 

Russian Airstrikes Obliterate Turkish-Backed ‘Rebel’ Camp In Idlib, Killing Over 60



Netflix Sees Subscriptions Drop By 800% Following “Cuties” Backlash

Parents Refuse To Abort ‘Deformed’ Baby – Look At Him 2 Years Later

MKUltra Survivor Cathy O’Brien: Protect Our Children From the Pedophile Agenda

Pope Francis Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions: “They Are Children of God”

EXCLUSIVE SOURCE: Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child ‘Was I molested. I think so.’ 

Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven

Sent: Friday, October 30, 2020 at 10:50 AM
From: Cătălin
Subject: PLEASE HELP! My father in law is DYING–Dear brother, PLEASE pray for my father in law’s soul to be saved and his body to be delivered from this horrible disease that came upon him. I sent you an email recently where I was asking about whether silver works on Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It was for him that I was aking about. We are going through a tragedy in our family, as he went from being like you and me two months ago, to now not being able to drink water or stand up anymore. His jaw is clenched, his arms are twisted and contorted and he is stiff. He has a lost gaze and is almost completely gone, he can barely recognize us anymore. He was in the hospital last week and he could still eat by himself, now he is almost in a vegetable state! This is so horrible! Please send to your listeners to pray for him too! We really need all the prayers we can get right now. I am writing an article about what we are going through to ask for honest born again Christians to pray for him, but I wanted to get this out as fast as possible NOW, because he is getting worse SO FAST! PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM! Thank you so much for your help. God bless you,–Cătălin