Newsletter: Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-24-21

2Ch 15:7 Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded.

Ecc 8:11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

Halloween, Human Sacrifice, Stonehenge and the Wicker Man-Part 1

Halloween, Human Sacrifice, Stonehenge and the Wicker Man-Part 2  By Dr. Scott Johnson | October 21, 2007–In this teaching we will be taking an extensive, shocking look at virtually all the Halloween traditions modern day humanity currently embraces. Halloween is not just innocent entertainment. Its symbols and practices breathe new life into the dark rituals and symbols of past civilizations. Satan’s main strategy has always been to tempt people to love what God hates, prompt them to pursue his enticing path, and deceive them into thinking that his ‘new’ way is as good. Since his strategies don’t change, God’s warning in Proverbs 14:12 is as relevant now as it was in King Solomon’s days: ‘ Most people follow the masses, and the masses follow the media, especially when it promotes thrills and adventures that feed the lust for forbidden thrills. The occult has always focused on gory images of violence, death and destruction. We see it in today’s media, music, and movies. As people become desensitized to occult violence and horror, the images in popular entertainment grow increasingly and indescribably evil. Yet, this is old news. Thousands of years ago, God warned us, ‘All those who hate Me love death.’ (Proverbs 8:36) 

Prayer Alert: Notorious Haitian Gang Demands $17 Million Ransom For Kidnapped Missionaries 400 Mawozo gang leader in video threatens to kill kidnapped missionaries if ransom isn’t paid  

URGENT: Act Now to Tell the Federal Government NO to Covid Vaccinations for Kids 5-11 Action Alert!

Tell Congress to Support Vaccine Choice: Action Alert!

Joe Biden Agrees With World Government: It’s Time To End Democracy

Our Epic Supply Chain Crisis Just Hit Another Level, And Biden Is Considering Calling In The National Guard To Help

Evangelical Lutheran church installs 1st transgender bishop

Apple Deletes Popular Bible Apps from China’s App Store at Communist Regime’s Request

Biden secretly flying underage illegals into NY in dead of night

Walmart Rolls Out Bitcoin ATMs Across 200 Stores Nationwide

10 Robots for Each Human at Amazon’s Biggest Newest Warehouse

Restaurants and bars in Canada are REQUIRING vaccine passports… so people are having picnics right in the street in protest. This is what we mean when we say #RESIST.

Australia Lockdown Tyrant Forced To Resign Amid Corruption Probe

“We’ve Been Locked Up For Almost 50 Days” — Thousands Rally Against Auckland Lockdown As Public Opposition Grows


Vaxx Protesters march across the bridge into Manhattan, as this afternoon’s protest against the vaccine mandate continues here in New York

Pfizer Scientist Nick Karl Confronted By James O’Keefe Over Shocking ‘Natural Immunity’ Admission – YouTube

“Militia Violent Extremists” Added To A Growing List Of 9 Violent Domestic Extremists Groups

Controversial Report Exposes 16 Utilities That Accepted COVID Relief Funds While Continuing Shutoffs. Is Yours One of Them?

SOUTH AFRICA’S HIGHEST COURT SET TO FREE THE CONTINENT FROM THE NEW WORLD ORDER & THE CENTRAL BANK This is the biggest case in the world right now. Not only are the People of South Africa seeking a ruling to hold their President and Parliament liable for the damages inflected by the Globalist’s Covid-Crime Against Humanity, but they are also seeking a ruling that will liquidate their Central Bank in order to pay damages suffered by the People.

More Evidence That Vitamin D Protects Against Severe COVID-19 Disease and Death

WATCH: Large demonstration underway in Paris. This is the 13th consecutive Saturday of protests against the government’s COVID mandates in France

WATCH: Enormous demonstration in Rome against the government’s vaccine passport, which is set to become mandatory for employment next week

WATCH: 871 L.A. city firefighters file notice of intent to sue over the City of Los Angeles’ COVID vaccine mandate. Firefighters are seeking $1.7 BILLION in damages

Los Angeles sheriff says he will not enforce vaccine mandate

Court Sides With Unvaccinated Michigan Athletes in Mandate Case–Sixteen unvaccinated athletes won another round in their legal battle to play sports, despite Western Michigan University’s mandate that all of its inter-collegiate athletes get the COVID-19 vaccination shot. In a unanimous published decision issued Oct. 7, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati, Ohio, held that the university violated the athletes’ First Amendment rights.

Moderna Vax Banned From Use…Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway have already limited the use of the Moderna vaccine over the same concerns. Iceland went further than its neighbors and stopped using the vaccine entirely.


Grand jury investigation for COVID-19 manipulation


Amtrak Train Crews Allegedly Join Walkout Started By Air Traffic Controllers And Southwest Pilots ZERO Media Coverage

Southwest Airlines CEO Blames Biden For Vaccine Mandates, Says He Never Supported Them

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Oct. 13 allowed a new law to go into effect that will allow employees to opt-out of vaccine mandates by proving they have acquired immunity to the CCP virus or by submitting a negative COVID-19 test.

Frontline Workers protesting Vaccine Mandates in Quebec City

Dr. Zandre Botha shows images of vaccine damage in the blood


ESPN reporter leaving over vaccine mandate

Challenges mount to president’s vaccine mandate

Exclusive: 60% of TSA Employees Refusing COVID Injection, Says Insider Source

30,000 Canadian doctors protest vaccine mandates

3,000 Chicago officers defying city’s vaccine mandate

Thousands Protest Vaccine Mandates, Call for Health Freedom at New York City Rally Featuring Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Seattle firefighters and Seattle police officers that were fired for not complying with the vaccine mandate are out feeding the homeless

MASS PROTESTS erupt across America; even Biden voters now rejecting tyrannical vaccine mandates

Have you Lost Your Job for Refusing the COVID Shot? You are NOT Alone!

203,000 Members Of SMART Union Stand Strong Against Forced Covid Injections

MUST WATCH: General Electric employees walk off the job to protest against vaccine mandates. Do not quit your job over mandates. The vaxxed and unvaxxed stand together against tyranny. Keep the pressure on!

In-N-Out Fined For Refusing to Check Customers’ Vaccination Status

Indiana recruiting unvaccinated Chicago officers!!– “Hey Chicago Police Officers, we’re hiring! No vaccine mandate,” a spokesperson for the Indiana State Police tweeted on Wednesday.

U.S. Soldiers Speak Out: “America Is Under Attack, Prepare Yourself Now”

Big Pharma Crony May Head FDA Dr. Robert Califf, who has documented ties to the pharmaceutical industry, has been nominated to head the agency. We must oppose it.  ACTION ALERT!

Tap Water Threatens Pregnant Women, Children Pregnant women are exposing their unborn children to dangerous chemicals in tap water that lead to neurodegenerative effects. ACTION ALERT!

RIGGED worse than a ballot counting machine: CDC allowing hospitals to classify “fully vaccinated” deaths as “unvaccinated”

NYC Restaurateurs: Business Down 40-60% Due To Vaccine Mandate

Language–Burger King demands Covid Vaccine card to buy a Whopper

Israel just nullified vaccine passports for all double jabbed people… now only the triple jabbed get “freedom”

Lying” Fauci; ‘Ignores Natural Immunity Because It Foils His Mass Vaccination Plan’

Big Pharma Pushes Fake Ivermectin That Causes CANCER!

Seattle May Fire 40% of Police Force Over COVID Vaccine Mandate–For anti-cop blue city, further depleting its already-depleted force of 1,000 officers is par for the course.

“So Deeply, Deeply Wrong” – Lithuanian Without Vaccine Pass Describes Life Under Medical Tyranny

London Newspaper Column: “Anti-vaxxers want to kill your babies..These people are terrorists who’d happily kill us..”

How Israeli Ministry of Health, deleted thousands of testimonies (kill shot)


‘Proceed With Caution At Your Own Peril’: Merck’s COVID ‘Super Drug’ Poses Serious Health Risks, Scientists Warn

How Did Astra-Zeneca Manufacture “COVID-19 Vaccine” in July of 2018 Before the Disease Was Even Discovered or Named?

Airline pilot: Prepare for ‘catastrophic’ disruptions to American life 

Britain’s biggest container port so congested it’s considering turning ships away | ITV News – YouTube


Australia’s Northern Territory imposes the strictest vaccine mandate in the world–Those who don’t comply by Nov. 13 will be fined $5,000 and are not allowed to return to work

++ SCOTUS Strips Apartment Dwellers of Fourth Amendment Rights, Opens Hallways to Warrantless Police Surveillance

WASHINGTON, D.C.— In refusing to affirm that the hallways outside apartments are protected curtilage which police may not invade without a warrant or a resident’s consent, the U.S. Supreme Court has let stand a lower court ruling that leaves apartment dwellers vulnerable to warrantless police surveillance and arrests. In an amicus brief filed in Sorenson v. Massachusetts, Rutherford Institute attorneys had argued that just as the “curtilage” of detached homes are off-limits to police without a warrant, areas immediately adjacent to an apartment should also be considered protected curtilage under the Fourth Amendment.

US Navy Secretary under Lloyd Austin Threatens to Make Navy SEALs Pay Back the Cost of Their Training if They Don’t Get Vaxxed 

Shock Video: Military Members Under Duress Forced to take COVID Vaccine

Here’s Proof the Covid Injections Were Designed to Track the Vaccinated (Video)

‘Unconscionable’: Pfizer, Moderna to Rake in Combined $93 Billion in 2022 COVID Vaccine Sales​​​​​​

Catholic Savvas Agioritis shares testimonies of spiritual decline after taking the vaccines! Are the Vaccines Affecting Their Spirituality?

ACCESS DENIED: Alberta VaxPass Website Stops Working After People Find 8 Shot Slots In Source Code


Fighting $100,000 in COVID fines handed to a Nova Scotia church and congregation–Weston Christian Fellowship Church in Berwick, Nova Scotia was visited by local RCMP two Sundays in a row, resulting in over $100,000 in COVID tickets for both the church and its congregation

NYC Mayor Expands Vaccine Mandate To All City Workers, Offers $500 “Carrot”

CDC signs off on Moderna and J&J boosters and says people can get a booster different from their original one

BOMBSHELL: Pentagon spells out penalties for civilian employees who refuse the coronavirus vaccine

“No Jab, No Job” — Aussie Supermarkets Demands 300K Workers Must Get Vaccinated Or Find Work Elsewhere


17,000+ Deaths Reported After COVID Vaccines, Including New Report of 12-Year-Old Who Died After Pfizer Vaccine

Denver officer says he lost ability to walk after being forced to take COVID vaccine ()

Urgent message from university hospital manager and academic Kieran Morrissey

Tennis Pro Says ‘Season Is Over’ After COVID Vaccine Injury, NBA Players Stand Firm Against Getting Vaccine

Two Women Die From Adverse Reactions After Receiving Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Shot

Jane Stroud: British woman develops gruesome skin disorder after second AstraZeneca viral vector DNA injection – The COVID Blog

Amanda Makulec: 35-year-old Washington D.C. woman gloats of being vaccinated, pregnant, breastfeeding; newborn son dies at 2 1/2 months

Dave Menchinton: 46-year-old Canadian “vaxx-hesitant” man has severe adverse reactions, partial paralysis two hours after second Pfizer injection, hospitalized ever since

Sweden, Denmark Pause Moderna’s COVID Vaccine for Younger Age Groups Citing Reports of Myocarditis

NIH Director Francis Collins Resigns After Documents Reveal He Lied About His Involvement with Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan Lab

Double Vaccinated Emmy Winner Dies of Covid-19 Two Weeks After Attending Award Ceremony with Unmasked Celebrities

Genocidal Bombshell! Public John Hopkins Data Confirms Covid-19 “Vaccines” Are Causing Surge of Illnesses, Deaths

COVID-19 Vaccine Ingredients ()

HORROR: Exclusive VIDEO Captures “Organism” From Vaxxed Soldier’s Body

Nearly all “covid” deaths in September occurred in the fully vaccinated

Two Children ‘Accidentally’ Given COVID-19 Vaccines (Instead of the flu vaccine) At Walgreens, BOTH Now Suffering From ‘Heart Issues’ – Lawyer

Fully Vaccinated Are COVID ‘Super-Spreaders,’ Says Inventor of mRNA Technology

The great SICKOUT spreads as airline pilots, railway workers, air traffic controllers, police, firefighters and the other people who keep society running say NO to vaccine coercion and threats

Texas Governor Bans ALL Vaccine Mandates

England Office of National Statistics Confirms: 30,305 DEAD within 21 days of COVID Vax!

NBA Player Says COVID Vaccine Caused Blood Clots, But Team Officials Told Him to ‘Keep Quiet’​​​​​​


Ireland town that’s 99.7% “fully vaccinated” seeing massive covid “outbreak”

Michigan Woman Died From Blood Clots After J&J Vaccine, Autopsy Confirms

SHOCKING: Dr. Carrie Madej Releases FIRST LOOK at Pfizer Vial Contents

Young mom injured by AstraZeneca shot shares medical nightmare, pleads for help in fight against COVID corruption 

++SLIMY TACTICS LAW FIRMS USE TO DENY YOUR RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION!–If you missed it, you can replay it!  Yesterday’s class was all about these criminal (anti) law firms coercing and conspiring with your employers to deny your religious exemptions. It’s absolutely criminal. Watch this one again and again and take notes! Show them that you know what they’re up to and equip yourself with all the remedies available for you at The Healthy American. Join me today, live at 3pm pst on my youtube channel for round 2! Today’s class will be all about invoking your rights under Title 7 as a federal employee and/or government contractor. Sign on and ask questions, share your thoughts, and connect with me and all the Healthy Americans around the nation tuning in for the same reason you are: FREEDOM! 

++RedBalloon–We connect employers who value freedom with employees who value it too. We envision a world beyond cancel culture, where employees are free to work… without fear that they will find themselves on the wrong side of their employer’s politics That’s it. No agendas, politics, or drama. Just work. Interested? Let’s create that world together. Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at  Play:

++ATTORNEYS BY STATE WHO FIGHT COVID 19 MANDATES –While this list, by state, is intended as a helpful reference, CleverJourneys provides no endorsements or recommendations regarding the performance capabilities of individuals and law firms presented. Every week we’ve been adding new listings and making a few deletions per request of attorneys’ offices. The list is derived from an array of sources including lawyers associations, charitable organizations, special interest organizations. individual attorneys, press releases, media reports and our readers. 

++Employer’s Mandating Vaccinations as a condition for employment?
When you hear that EEOC guidance says “your employer can require you to get a vaccine,”  this is false/ mistaken:  EUAs have to have the Option to Refuse and the right to Informed Consent for EUAs. The EEOC’s guidance updated on May 28, 2021, only states that “federal EEO laws do not prevent an employer from requiring all employees physically entering the workplace to be vaccinated…”[1]   It does not address 21 USCS § 360bbb-3, which relates to EUAs and the option to refuse.
This is called a word game or word salad.
There is Potential Liability on Employers or Universities that Mandate Vaccines if an Employee or Student suffers any Side Effects or Death from a mandatory EUA vaccine.
Source TG Post
2. Three minute vid from Defending The Republic, Attorney at Law, Julia Haller
“”America’s Frontline Doctors has officially launched the Legal Eagle Dream Team, and we intend to bring lawsuits across the country to challenge the constitutionality of COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.
Learn more:
Source Post w/Video
6. DOUG BILLINGS- Letter Templates
• Mask letter template for adults
• Mask letter template for children in school
• Employee letter addressing discriminatory policies
• Active Military letter for the jab
• Vaccine public letter
• Employee letter to company requiring the jab
• Forms to Universities requiring the jab
• Notice of Liability to schools
• Notice of liability to vaccinator
7. Do not quit your job. An option is to tell your employer you’re not refusing it. You’re deferring until the clinical trials are over in 2 years & the safety data is analyzed & available so you can exercise “Informed consent”. If anything, let them fire you. You can claim wrongful termination as a last case scenario.
Instructions and Templates
– The Nuremberg War Crimes Code.
– The Geneva Convention.
– The UN Charter.
– The international Criminal Court Laws.
– The US Constitution.
– The Declaration of Geneva (the original, not the substitution put in by the Deep state)
There is ALOT of information in here. Too deep for me to dive.
This specifically should help with college.
C. VAX CHOICE- How to File a Private Criminal Complaint

From: Todd S [mailto:tsc…] Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 1:48 PM To: Scott Johnson Subject: Re: Request for most recent price list Dr. Johnson…We pray for you and your daughter nearly every day.  The Lord has used you to change my worldview for the past 15+ years.  The products and protocols we have from you have helped our family more than you know.  What a blessing you have been to us! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!! Todd 

Emergency Responders Still Can’t Safely and Quickly Extinguish Electric Vehicle Fires ++ Why You Shouldn’t Park Near an Electric Car–If Democrats are able to ram through their gargantuan spending bills, we will be forced to spend $billions on subsidies and charging stations for environmentally destructive and economically inefficient electric cars. Get used to more of this: An electric car at a charging station has a short circuit. It took just over 1 minute to destroy 3 cars. The fire cannot be extinguished with water. No fire department will approach a burning battery-powered car because of the toxic gasses produced. No salvage yard will take them   — Deplorable Richie (@DeplorableRich5) October 2, 2021 You can see why Chevrolet advises owners of its electric Bolt to park at least 50 feet from the nearest vehicle and certainly not in your garage. If electric vehicles were a good idea, Big Government would not have to impose them. 

On Mon, Oct 4, 2021, at 2:03 AM, Pamela Ray Files wrote: Hi Dr. Scott, You have had a huge impact on me in the last several months.  Praise the Lord Jesus Christ to Him all the glory!  I tell everyone about your ministry.  I pray for you and I love all the prayers you pray for the Body of Christ and the end times we are living in. I used to be Pre Trib too.  I thank God for all your hard work you put into this ministry. God bless you big time and I wanted to share this with you Pam Ray Files

From: William–Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2021 7:28 AM–Subject: The $8.49/gal story–Hi Scott, Just wanted to chime in. The $8.49/gallon gasoline story has a backstory. The gas at that station is typically incredibly expensive due to its location. It’s very, very difficult to get a gas tanker truck there. They have to travel a very long way on the very dangerous and curvy Highway 1 that goes along the cliffs next to the ocean to deliver gas. It’s a beautiful drive, just incredibly difficult to get there, especially for a big tanker truck.

From: Damon Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021 5:38 PM To: Subject: RE: Stomach gas and spasms–Thank you for responding. I have an awesome miracle testimony to share. I apologize if it is a bit long. I’m just in awe and overjoyed! On Tuesday, October 12, 2021, I noticed that I was experiencing bloat and stomach discomfort. I didn’t think anything of it at that time. I am pretty health-conscious and in good shape for my age (45). I train with guys 20 plus years younger and I outperform them. I have not been sick in many years.  Well, that night I started having more discomfort with stomach spasms and it was difficult to find a position of relief while lying down. I stayed up all night on the toilet from 8 pm until 2 am the next morning with blockage.  I finally fell asleep for a brief moment. When I awoke, it was still dark around 4 am, I observed a huge figure in my room gray in color with its arms stretched over me. It was completely dark in my room and I was lying on the floor. It appeared like it was holding puppet strings on me. I rebuked and cast it out in Jesus’ name and it went away. I don’t know if it was real or I was asleep and dreaming. Well, it felt real to me at the time. I started binding devils and loosening angels after the incident. I then started fervently praying for healing.  

Earlier Thursday morning, I started feeling a little better, but not out of the woods. Later that evening I was really in severe pain.  I have never felt pain like it in my life. It was constant spasms from 8 pm until 4 am. I couldn’t stand upright without causing more pain. I then started thinking about all kinds of illnesses that could have been going on in my stomach. I began trying to get dressed to go to the hospital. I have high pain tolerance, but I was starting to get desperate. 

Once I placed my second leg in my pants I heard a snap or tap and the pain completely went away. I stood still in shock and thinking it would return, but it never did. It was a MIRACLE that it just went away!  I truly feel like God Almighty healed me through Jesus Christ. I still can’t comprehend it. I have never experienced anything like this. Then I remembered what you said about praying warfare prayers that we would be targeted. I am so sorry my story is too long. I didn’t know how to shorten it. I hope this can be a positive testimony for others. I appreciate all you do for us. I have learned so much from you over the many years. I thank Jesus Christ daily for you and Taylor!

From: Contact Us Form Submission Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021 11:29 PM To: Subject: EMAILsh..1611@ YOUR MESSAGE Listening to your message every week is the highlight of my week. I love your style and being a watchman like you are is very important. Your ministry strengthens my walk with Christ and I hope you continue to broadcast your messages for a very long time. I know you are a true man of God and I want to encourage you to keep doing the good job you’re doing. God bless!