National Council of Churches Affirms the Catholic Chruch as the: ‘ONE TRUE Church’

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In response the Popes recent announcement that the Catholic Church is the one, true church and all other Christian denominations are just pretenders; I received a link (see: ) to a news announcement from the National Council of Churches (NCC) that stated: “The Vatican statement, released Tuesday, reaffirmed that the Catholic Church is the one, true church, even if elements of truth can be found in separated churches and communities, such as Protestant and Orthodox churches.” I was almost speechless as I read this. Instead of outrage the NCC just agreed with the pope. It’s really no wonder though, as this statement foreshadows the fact that all the luke-warm protestant denominations will eventually affirm this same position and come under the Catholics apostate, whorish banner to fulfill the biblical prediction of a one world church under the antichrist’s and false prophet’s rule. This teaching will dovetail into last week’s Catholic expose at: Billy Graham, Homosexuals, Catholics & Apostasy. This teaching will also extensively cover the Catholics obsession with the Eucharist and how this practice equates to repackaged “Pagan Sun Worship”. You will also learn how the Catholic Church has officially removed the 2nd commandment (regarding idol worship) and compensated for this by spitting the 10th commandment to cover their blasphemous tracts.

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