Massacre of Innocence – The Occult Roots of Abortion-Part 2

In this teaching we will be looking at the occult roots of abortion (aborticide) with little known historical facts about abortion and how they relate to witchcraft & modern day feminism. Patricia Baird-Windle, Founder and owner of Aware Woman Center for Choice (AKA: abortion clinics) was quoted saying: ‘You practice your religion and let me practice mine.”My religion is a holy ritual child sacrifice’ On August 4, 1992, two employees of Aware Woman abortion clinic, Veronica Jordan and Rebecca Morris, registered a non-profit religious corporation known as the Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Florida (WRCF). The stated purpose of the WRCF is to provide an umbrella organization for witch covens throughout the state of Florida. The incorporation papers list the two abortion clinic employees as directors of the Wiccan organization. Shortly after the Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Florida was founded, Carol Ebbing, another Aware Woman abortion clinic employee procured the book entitled: “The Sacrament of Abortion” by a Ginnette Paris, a witch in France, who presents abortion as ‘a sacred act’ & ‘A sacrifice to Artemis”. In this teaching we will also endeavor to show you how the struggle against this horrific act is primarily a spiritual one. Throughout history, certain pagan cultures have sacrificed human infants to satanic deities as a part of a complicated ritual in return for favors asked of them. While few of those involved in abortion today are consciously engaging in child sacrifice, that is precisely what abortion is: The sacrifice of a human life on the alter of convenience & to the god of self.

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