Mary Goddess Worship & the Queen of Heaven

In this teaching we will start by looking at how some Protestant denominations are starting to emulate the Catholic practice of Mary worship. Some have gone so far as to agree that Mary plays a major part in the Salvation of a Christian by naming her “Co-Redemptrix” with Jesus Christ. Many of these churches have erected Mary statues which are worshipped like idols. They are desperately trying to put a “feminine face” on God. These denominations are striving to find to any and all common ground with the Catholic Church so as to ultimately come into full unity with her in the formation of the one world church of the Antichrist. You will see that like almost all heresy this whole mess stems from the fact that these denominations have deviated from the Word of God and have embraced false Bible versions. We will also see how this movement has its roots as far back as Babylon where the whole concept of father (Nimrod), son (Tammuz) and mother goddess (Semiramus) found its beginnings. The Catholic goddess “Mother Mary”/“Queen of Heaven” is just the repackaged modern day equivalent of the Babylonian goddess Semiramus/”Queen of Heaven”. We will also be looking at many other related end time current events.

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