Marijuana, its Legalization and the Bible

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment: Marijuana and the Bible
  • Scott Johnson’s Response
  • Is Vaporization of Cannabis “Harmless”?
  • How does a vaporizer work?
  • The chemical makeup of Cannabis / Pot
  • The medical facts about DAGGA/ MARIJUANA / HASHISH / CANNABIS
  • The Cannabis Religion
  • Verbiage from a Witchcraft chat room where occult practices for magical purposes were being discussed–so let’s see what practicing pagan occultists have to say about smoking/tobacco/marijuana
  • Why a Christian Should NOT Smoke
  • Dr. Johnson’s Healthy Living Newsletter: ACID REFLUX, HEARTBURN AND INDIGESTION

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PDF: Marijuana, its Legalization and the Bible

For my previous study on tobacco and smoking see: End Time Current Events: 5-29-11–Part 3–Smoking Tobacco Warning