Jerusalem, Gaza, WWIII & the New World Order-Part 3

Jerusalem, Gaza, WWIII & the New World Order-Part 3

After enduring eight years and over 11,000 missile attacks from Gaza’s Arabs, Israelis in range of the Islamic rockets voiced relief as the Olmert government finally gave the Israel Defense Forces the green light to stop the “Palestinians” from terrorizing them. Palestinian cleric Muhsen Abu ‘Ita in a televised interview said; ‘The annihilation of the Jews here in Palestine is one of the most splendid blessings for Palestine’.”

This statement should wake anyone who is still under the assumption that peace can be realized between Israel and the Palestinians if Israel just makes enough concessions; the slate of concessions starts with carving Biblical land out of the Jewish state so the Palestinians can have their state. Just as Yassir Arafat used to say, his goal was to make the Jews drink the water from the Mediterranean Sea, a euphemism which meant that his goal was to annihilate all Jews and take all Israel for the cause of Islam.

Hamas is rock-solid in its opposition to the Palestinian President Abbas (a freemason), knowing that his intention is to deliver the Palestinian people to support the creation of the Palestinian State, working in cooperation with Western Freemasonry.

We will be looking at how Jerusalem plays into this debate, while also taking another look at the hypocrisy of the Islamic religion. Also how these events could ultimately play into the formation of the coming one world religion under the Antichrist.

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