Imprecatory Prayer – Psalm 64 – Gods Judgment on Wickedness – A Christians ‘Door of Hope’

This is a very important teaching regarding imprecatory prayers and why the judgment of God on wickedness, has always been a Bible believers “Door of Hope”. We will explore many scriptures to validate this but this is not a teaching that is usually ever heard or preached on in the modern day churches of America. If we as Bible believing Christians can get a hold of this Biblical concept, the Lord will be able to work through us (individually and collectively) in a mighty way. Beyond salvation this is one of the most important issues that the modern day Bible believer needs to understand, and hopefully this will be a big encouragement to you as well.

We will also be exploring the various things that can hinder our prayers and what the prerequisites are for the Lord to hear our prayers. I will be giving my personal testimony regarding these issues as well, as the tenets of this teaching have totally changed my life for the better.

This teaching was orginally inspired by Pastor John Weaver’s sermon: ‘A Door of Hope’ See link below.

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PDF: Imprecatory Prayers + Biblical Keys to Answered Prayer