Imminent North American Super-State-Part 1

Imminent North American Super-State-Part 1

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The North American Union had its original roots in NAFTA which is part of a global plan to reorganize the world into 10 Super Nation states, of which NAFTA is one. This plan fulfills Daniel 7:7-8, 23-25 and sets the stage for fulfillment of Rev 17:12-17! Remember that NAFTA was officially formed in 1993 as an economic union. The steps we are seeing here now are the steps to move an already-existent NAFTA into a political nation. Even though the Presidents of the United States and Mexico, and the Prime Minister of Canada denied several weeks ago that the purpose of their annual meeting is to create a North American Union/NAFTA SuperState, evidence continues to pile up that NAFTA is, indeed, coming together rapidly.

In this teaching we shall focus on three factors which demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this SuperState is coming together: 1) New North Carolina Driver’s Licenses featuring a NAFTA logo 2) New Amero Coins bearing the NAFTA image 3) Mexican truckers are now coming across the American border: Effective Sept. 7th 2007

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