Imminent E.T. Disclosure & World Government

Table of Contents:

  • Bible Study on Wisdom
  • Paul Hellyer, Former Minister of National Defense of Canada says 2 Living ETs Working with US Government
  • ETs Are Here and the White House Knows it, Says Actual Former US Senator
  • UFOs Disabling Nuclear Missiles: Former Senator Says Veterans’ Testimony is the ‘Smoking Gun’ Confirming a U.S. Government Cover-up
  • CIA Official Breaks Silence On Extraterrestrials
  • Eisenhower Threatened To Invade Area 51 Former US Congress Members Hear In Testimony
  • Strong Delusion: E.T.’s, Aliens, UFO’s, Nephilim, Project Blue Beam & the Greada Treaty
  • Alien-Human Exchange Program Is Real
  • The Citizen Hearing on Alien Disclosure
  • Satan’s Agenda for Disclosure – First Contact
  • Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET
  • Preparation for the Alien / UFO Deception in High Gear
  • Vatican Easing Humanity Toward Alien Disclosure?
  • The UFO – Alien Phenomenon: The Next Great Challenge for the Church?

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