Health Emergency Alert & Current Events-2-12-20

Table of Contents:

  • The Lord’s Protection & the Biblical Remedy for Fear
  • VIDEOS: China-Virus-Chaos-Death
  • Beijing and Shanghai LOCKED-DOWN as Coronavirus Spreads Uncontrolled
  • Coronavirus found to have up to 24-day incubation period; CDC releasing Wuhan evacuees in Texas, Nebraska and California after just 14 days
  • Yes, coronavirus is a BIOWEAPON with gene sequencing that’s only possible if it was genetically modified in a lab
  • IN THE UNITED STATES–The US is currently preparing 16 quarantine centers
  • China now issuing DEATH PENALTY for citizens who fail to report recent travel to Wuhan
  • Bodies piling up, Hubei Province funeral home workers pushed to near collapse as cremation centers burn HUNDREDS of bodies per day
  • Recommend Protocol For The Corona Virus
  • Colloidal silver is has the amazing ability to fight and destroy antibiotic-resistant super-pathogens
  • 360 Billion Locusts And Growing – A Plague Of ‘Biblical Proportions’ Is Destroying Crops Across The Middle East And Africa..These voracious little creatures are traveling in absolutely colossal swarms that are up to 40 miles wide
  • The Citizens of the United States Are Under Medical Martial Law

PDF: Health Emergency Alert 2-12-20

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