Health Emergency Alert-2-3-20-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • BRUTAL: Chinese Leaders to Sacrifice Coronavirus Infected Cities to Save 11 Others – Over the Last 7 Days, Coronavirus Infections Have Increased 1000% … What Happens Next?
  • Coronavirus ‘won’t end for four months’
  • Some infected patients deliberately spreading coronavirus by ‘spitting on people’
  • Coronavirus censorship: Will they shut down the web? What happens when the virus hits third world countries? Leaders and the media are lying (Projected 500,000 contaminated and 114,000 deaths by mid Feb
  • “Citizen journalist blows whistle on “what he saw” in Wuhan Hospital #Coronavirus”
  • The Truth Of The Coronavirus’ Horrifying Effects
  • China’s Current Population: Almost 1.5 billion a little over 19% of the current world population
  • Fleeing Chinese Telling the Truth
  • ‘Burning Bodies In Secret’ – New Accounts From Wuhan Detail Coronavirus Outbreak
  • This is NOT A MOVIE! It’s WUHAN!
  • Coronavirus Cover-Up Begins: China Threatens Social Media Users with Seven Years in Prison for Reporting Pandemic News that Doesn’t Parrot “Official” Stories
  • Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for January 27, 2020–Show Highlights: Chinese President calls Coronavirus a grave situation and has suspended international tourist travel from his country–Ted has boots on the ground in China with a friend of 25 years–Ted reads chain of emails from his friend in China giving you the real update
  • Listener Comment: “Plea For help–Long time listener living in China”
  • Medical Study: “Coronavirus Alert: New Massive Contagion Risk – Ro of 4.1!”
  • W.H.O. Warns Countries of the World: Coronavirus Pandemic Set to GO GLOBAL
  • Chinas “OUTBREAK” is another PATENTED Deception!
  • Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”, Stoking Fears Over Artificially Created Bioweapon–‘The virus even responds to treatment by HIV medications’
  • New evidence emerges: Coronavirus “bioweapon” might have been a Chinese vaccine experiment… genes contain “pShuttle-SN” sequences, proving laboratory origin
  • PROOF: The “Novel Coronavirus” Infecting the World is a MILITARY BIO-WEAPON Developed by China’s Army

PDF: Health Emergency Alert 2-3-20

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