Health Corner: 12-24-15 — Part 2

Table of Contents:

• Study: Coconut Oil Improves Cognitive Functioning in Alzheimer’s Patients
• Dr. Johnson’s Comment: Essential Oils I just brought into my product line
• Listener Question Cyruta Plus & cleaning out the arteries naturally
• Listener Comment: Bill Gates GM mosquitoes are spreading birth defects in Brazil & they are planned to be released in the US and other countries!!
• In the 1980’s: Two studies (1987 & 1989) found 1 in 2500-3000 U.S. children had autism—Meanwhile the CDC just announced: 1 in 45 Children Are Diagnosed With Autism in 2014 — Thank you Vaccinations!!!!!
• NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE RESEARCH SCIENTIST WHISTLE BLOWER ON THE CONTAMINATION OF VACCINES: Vaccines provided and still provide the vector technology that has single handedly contaminated the population with retroviruses associated with the alteration of DNA in parents and children, resulting in autism, neurological damage, MS, CFS, Cancer, Diabetes and on and on…
• Vaccines: an ideal covert op to genetically re-engineer humans & to change/defile our DNA- Why is the government so maniacal about injecting vaccines?

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