Health Corner: 12-24-15 — Part 1

Table of Contents:

• Implant Agenda–Populace Being RFID Microchipped Without Their Knowledge or Consent!! Vaccines and Surgeries are the main ways this is happening!!
• Renowned technology investor and internet pioneer Marc Andreessen says in 20 years, every physical item will have chip implanted…
• Holistic Doctors/ND’s & Cancer Researchers Still Being Assassinated
• Chipotle corporate sabotage! GMO industry is PLANTING e.coli at Chipotle restaurants in retaliation for its anti-GMO menu
• 2016 is the Year The Establishment and Main Stream Media Goes After the Alternative Media in Earnest — The HTTP 451 Error Code for Censorship Is Now an Internet Standard

PDF: Health Corner 12-24-15

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