Health Corner: 1-29-16 — Part 1

Table of Contents:

• The virus vs. humanity: ZIKA on the loose!
• Bill Gates GM mosquitoes spreading birth defect in Brazil–The Zika Virus only started propagate after he released his genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil
• Brazil sends 200,000 soldiers to stop spread of Zika…’House to house’ inspection…
• Mosquito-borne virii has ALWAYS been “EASILY” Treatable with INVIVE Silver
• Deadly pandemic virus capable of wiping out humanity intentionally created by U.S. scientists
• Study: Polio vaccine campaign in India has caused 12-fold increase in deadly paralysis condition
• Vaccine Exemption Forms
• Find A Compassionate Doctor To Help You Prevent Vaccine Injuries
• New Products Available
• Question–What would be the best freeze dried food company to deal with?

PDF: Health Corner 1-29-16

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