Hate Crimes Update, The ‘Gay’ Agenda, Hirelings & Judas Goats in the Pulpit

Hate Crimes Update, The ‘Gay’ Agenda, Hirelings & Judas Goats in the Pulpit

In this teaching we will be looking at several, pertinent, end time, current event topics. First Senators Kennedy and Smith’s hate crimes amendment has finally been voted in. Since this bill has come up for another vote there has been an astonishing lack of consistent warning from leaders of the religious right which resulted in virtually no public outcry. Pres. Bush has vowed to veto the bill but even so (at bare minimum) this legislation now has momentum behind it for full approval when the next administration comes into power. Now all Americans are very much closer to having to answer to the federal “thought police” for every idle word that is not “politically correct”. The second topic we will be looking at is how the homosexual agenda longs for the full implementation of the hate crimes legislation and what the Bible has to say about “gays”. Next we will look at today’s legions of devilish, politically correct, Establishment pastors and leaders who don’t care for Bible truth. Many pastors have become entertainers and showmen. If you are a member of one of the thousands of churches that are part of this ‘Christian Establishment,’ get out now. Lastly we will look at how these same pseudo-pastors are being groomed to become the double agent/“Judas Goats” of their respective flocks. In the slaughterhouse industry it is the “Judas goat” that is trained to associate & befriend the other sheep in order to lead them to slaughter, while its own life is spared.

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