Harry Potter Exposed!

Harry Potter Exposed!

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Tragically many children and teens today are obsessed with Harry Potter and are actively seeking Harry’s power. What exactly is Harry’s power? Where does it come from? In this teaching we will take a closer look at the effects of Harry Potter on this generation. Dan 8:25a speaking of the antichrist says: “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand…” Well that is exactly what the world is being set up to embrace: Witchcraft. We will also be going over an article published by Christianity Today Magazine entitled “Why We Like Harry Potter”. But Christianity Today is not the only mainstream Christian media source to endorse Harry Potter, among the others are: Chuck Colson, Wheaton College etc. The seduction is virtually complete. Most (if not all) of Christianity’s top leaders have now gone over to the dark side. Many today openly endorse and embrace witchcraft, magic and other devilish arts and devices. Most others, by their marked silence, are now acquiescing and joining in on this ghoulish, latter day’s conspiracy. Taken from the book ‘We Love Harry Potter and We’ll Tell You Why,’ here are a few kids’ ideas: ‘I’d like to go to wizard school, learn magic and put spells on people. I’d make up an ugly spell, and then it’s payback time!’ — Catherine(age 9)’I feel like I’m inside Harry’s world. If I went to wizard school, I’d study everything: spells, counterspells and defense against the Dark Arts.’ — Carolyn(age 10)

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