“God TV”, Lakeland, Todd Bentley & Satanism-Part 1

God TV, Lakeland, Todd Bentley & Satanism-Part 1

In this teachings we will be looking at the overwhelming body evidence existing; that indicates that individuals like ‘faith healer’ Todd Bentley are not just deceived, they are actually propositioned high level Satanists/Luciferians. Todd Bentley says the ‘Holy Spirit’ told him to ‘Kick Her In The Face’ with his ‘Biker Boot’ to heal a woman! He was also told by the ‘Holy Spirit’ to punch a man in the stomach, ‘leg drop’ a Pastor and bang a woman’s legs up and down like a ‘ball bat’ See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K8XjObzfXM Below is an excerpt (we will be reviewing in this teaching) from a Christian who came out of the high level occult: ‘I once met a Satanist of very high power with Angelic language tattoos up and down their arm. They were incantations to draw fallen angels to it so that she/him could impart their powers to others. I’ve noticed that Todd Bentley has these tattoos of flames coming up to his neck, with Chinese characters on his neck and throat. He seems to be some sort of a conduit for spirits and this seems to be his theme. I believe that he is attracting fallen angels, who are much greater in power than mere demons; to impart them to those he touches. Some time ago I watched as he performed a blatant witchcraft ceremony where the people write their prayer requests on paper, and then light them up with fire. This comes right from a pagan ceremony. I received word from my contacts years ago that these Satanists were training in these revival movements as infiltrators; now it seems that they have done such a good job of deception that they are now leading the people of God into the occult.’
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