Gays, Transgendered and Genetic Manipulation Exposed-Part 2

At (AKA: AFTAH) cites the(FDA)reasons for banning male homosexuals from donating blood as proof of these risks. FDA statistics are as follows: “Men who have had sex with men since 1977 have an HIV prevalence… 60 times higher than the general population, 800 times higher than first time blood donors and 8,000 times higher than repeat blood donors…. Infection with the Hepatitis B virus is about 5-6 times more common and Hepatitis C virus infections are about 2 times more common than in the general population….” Additionally, they have “an increased incidence and prevalence of Human Herpes Virus-8 [which] causes a cancer called Kaposi’s sarcoma in immunocompromised individuals.” Sodomite Life Span Only 39 Years Research by The Family Research Institute (FRI) of Colorado has discovered that the average lifespan of the male homosexual is only 39 years. Where 80% of married men lived past 65, only 2% of the homosexuals lived that long, as shown in the accompanying chart. FRI found that sodomites “…were 116 times more apt to be murdered; 24 times more apt to commit suicide; and had a traffic-accident death-rate 18 times the rate of comparably-aged white males. Heart attacks, cancer and liver failure were exceptionally common. Twenty percent of lesbians died of murder, suicide, or accident-a rate 487 times higher than that of white females aged 25-44.” In their web site at , FRI details the disgusting and unsanitary sexual practices that contribute to this early death sentence. We will also discuss the transgendered movement and drugs now made from the DNA of both animals and humans.

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