Female Angels with Wings? What about Halos?

Female Angels with Wings? What about Halos?

The word translated to read ‘angel’ means ‘a messenger’, from ‘angello’, or to deliver a message. The angelic beings of God are those created beings who do His will and His bidding. The Bible speaks of three types of ‘angelic beings'(1) cherubim, which have two wings & 4 faces (1 Kings 6:24) Satan is a fallen cherubim-Eze. 28:14) and the seraphim which have six wings (Isa. 6:2) and regular angels which are the angels of the Bible that commonly interact with people and (as we will see) always appear as men without wings.

The many Biblical accounts of angels physically manifesting themselves to God’s people show that they have always appeared in the masculine form (not as females & also not as children). We will also be looking at the one time the Scriptures mention female angels with wings and as you will see, it certainly is not an endorsement for these types of entities. Lastly we will discuss the pagan practice of depicting halos on the heads of individuals. See the PDF below for this complete study.

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PDF: Angels Appearing as Women & Men