Feds Train 501c3 Clergy To ‘Quell Dissent’ During Martial Law – Part 3

Feds Train 501c3 Clergy To ‘Quell Dissent’ During Martial Law – Part 3


During the reign of Adolf Hitler, three prominent Protestant theologians were dramatically successful in convincing German Protestants to cooperate with Hitler and his genocide of 18 million ‘Devalued People’. The Illuminati here in America is using this same tactic, and will most assuredly get the same cooperative response, from the 501c3 corporate churches (who were given their very right to exist via the government/IRS) who are not versed properly in the true meaning of Romans 13 to know when they are being deceived. Most likely much of the reason genuine Christians will be turned in to authorities is because church leaders (unquestionably submissive to the government) will turn them in. If you are a genuine Christian pastor, are you prepared for officers of Homeland Security to enter your sanctuary, to sit down on your front row — dressed in intimidating official clothing — and to listen to your sermon and your announcements? Are you prepared to have them arrest you after the service for not adhering to official government guidelines as to what you can and cannot say? Pastors need to remember the era in which they are living, and not succumb to the temporary political and religious pressure from your Illuminist government, but keep their minds focused on the eternal. Proverbs 25:26: ‘A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring.

PDF: Satans Master Plan To Destroy the Church

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