End Time Current Events–Mega Study: 8-9-15 — Part 7

Table of Contents:

• Obama Administration Defends Planned Parenthood: ‘Not a lot of evidence,’ Sting Videos Obtained ‘fraudulently’
• Brainwashed CNN host asks Planned Parenthood video maker if he’s a ‘violent extremist’
• Ice Cream Shop Serves Abortion-inspired Flavor for Planned Parenthood Fundraiser –The “Taste of Victory” flavor includes red chunks of strawberry flesh
• The Planned Parenthood Project–Planned Parenthood is for one thing: Abortion…No matter what
• Planned Parenthood Abby Johnson: I saw the baby fighting for its life!
• Abortion Clinic Employees — “Babies born alive daily.”
• Petition: Stop Harvesting Aborted Babies’ Organs
• Aborted Babies: What are they really being used for?
• Latest Unedited Planned Parenthood Video Confirms Aborted Babies Being Sold To Create Super-Mice
• The OBAMA Administration Purchased Aborted Baby Parts From Planned Parenthood

PDF: End Time Current Events 8-9-15

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