End Time Current Events–9-4-11–Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Mike Adams: Exposes Vaccine Industry Ties to Military Involvement with IoM 1/3
  • Gates Foundation Vaccinates 131 Children at Gunpoint in Malawi
  • Mexico to give HPV vaccine to all girls from 2012
  • Rick Perry’s Slimy Connections to Merck & the HPV Vaccine
  • Another HPV Success Story–The HPV Vaccine: Lifesaver or Russian Roulette?Is a new vaccine sending users to GardaHell?
  • How To Find The Poisons In Vaccines In 5 Seconds Or Less
  • A Vaccinated, Fluoridated, Sick, Dying, Dumbed Down America–Video
  • Watch out for DRACO – MIT Scientist Develops Vaccine To “Cure All Viral Diseases”
  • Radiation Remedies

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