End Time Current Events: 9-29-13 — Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Faces of Death–SYRIA: Obama-backed FSA ‘rebels’ storm Christian holy sites, warning Christians to “convert or be beheaded”
  • Obama Silent On Syrian Rebels Forcing Christians To Convert To Islam
  • Video: Obama-Backed Rebels Seize Bibles, Food Aid
  • Precious Little Girl Dismembered While She Is Still Alive By Obama’s Psychotic Syrian Rebels
  • Convert To Islam Or Die – Obama’s Rebels: Is This What’s Coming To America?
  • Obama: The Second Amendment Only Applies to Al-Qaeda
  • Islamic Terror Groups Are Killing Christians All Over The World & Obama Wants Us To Ally With Them
  • Obama’s Congress Opens With Muslim Imam’s Prayer To Allah …
  • Coming Soon: America’s Own Islamic No-Go Zones

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PDF: End Time Current Events 9-29-13