End Time Current Events: 9-28-14 — Part 2

Table of Contents:

• Palestinian Muslim mother celebrates her son’s death: “This is the first time I see joy in my heart”
• IRAQ: Yazidi woman is shocked that the Muslim neighbors she had known all her life, turned on her people as soon as ISIS showed up : They will drink tea in your house one minute and stab you in the throat (literally) the next minute
• Muslims Take 1.5 MILLION Homeless Children, And Rape Ninety Percent Of Them, Young Boys And Girls
• British Islamic State recruits routinely rape hostages as young as NINE – and are put in suicide squads because they’re seen as ‘useless’ fighters, says whistleblower
• Have you heard about O’s plan to INFILTRATE America with 200-250 THOUSAND MUSLIMS REFUGEES? Muslims who will PRETEND to want to ASSIMILATE…only want to DOMINATE!
• Isis Spokesman says: ‘Supporters Should Kill Europeans, Americans and Canadians in Any Way Possible,’”
• Beheading suspect recently fired, Oklahoma police say

PDF: End Time Current Events 9-28-14

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