End Time Current Events-9-2-19-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • People’s Liberation Army of China Enters Hong Kong The mainstream corporate media is running cover for Communist China as it invades Hong Kong. Could we soon witness Tiananmen Square 2.0
  • Martial Law Considered In Hong Kong to Crush Protests
  • The Draconian Pushback Is Underway In Hong Kong
  • VIDEO: Demon Possessed Vessel of Satan Leftist Women Totally Unprovoked Stabs 3yr-old Boy In The Face In Attempted Post Birth Abortion 
  • Academics argue: Mothers should be allowed to kill their newborns, it’s morally the same as abortion
  • Zombie-Like Woman Bites Uber Driver During Shocking Rampage
  • Listener Comment About Report on Bigfoot, Dogman and Two Other Evil Creatures
  • Scott Johnson’s Response & Bible Study: We as Christians were created for such a time as this!!!!!

PDF: End Time Current Events 9-2-19

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