End Time Current Events-9-16-19-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • What Excessive Social Media Does To A Human
  • Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights for August 21, 2019–Show Highlights: The 5G agenda is the ultimate directed energy weapons system used to track and potentially kill you!—Turn off your WiFi when you are not using it–Cultural Collapse theory discussed in detail LGBTQ is increasingly becoming a protected with sever repercussions for speaking out against it!
  • Vaping has killed FOUR people and left 450 sick because of a deadly ‘new lung disease’: Health crisis linked to e-cigarettes has now spread to 33 states and the CDC has urged all people to STOP the habit
  • End Time Current Events: 6-21-14 — Part 1–Table of Contents: • Poisonings from E-Cigarettes and Synthetic Pot Are Surging Among the Youth • AVOID Synthetic Marijuana—It Can Be Deadly! AKA: Spice, Black Mamba, K2, MOJO, White Widow
  • Chemicals Used in E-Cig Flavors Are Toxic and We’ve Known for Decades
  • Student shares shocking images of collapsed lungs after vaping
  • Teenager Tryston Zohfeld Finds Out The Hard Way That Vaping Can Kill You As His Lungs Become So Blocked He’s Put In A Medical Coma To Save His Life
  • Vaping health alert–Utah teenager put in coma after vaping every day for three years
  • Question About Coming Off Methadone or Heroin — Drug Addictions –Vaping or Smoking – Alcohol
  • Listener Comment: Insurance Codes for Vaccine Poisonings…..Why are there insurance codes for vaccine poisonings if vaccines are safe?
  • Only One Safety Study Ever Done on Thimerosal Used in Vaccines

PDF: End Time Current Events 9-16-19

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