End Time Current Events: 8-23-15 — Part 5

Table of Contents:

• Muslim Rapist Openly Admits ‘..al-Qur’an Not Only Gives Me the Right to Rape You, It Condones and Encourages It..’
• ‘ISIS Head Repeatedly Raped US Aid Worker Kayla Mueller …
• ISIS Publicly Whips 20 Women for Not Veiling Eyes
• Rescued Sex Slaves Need Asylum from Islamic State
• No Asylum in America for Yazidis Fleeing ISIS
• Slovakian Government Refuses to Cave to UN’s Demands to Take in Muslims—Says They Will Only Take in Persecuted Christians
• Petition: Stop ISIS’s Genocide of Christians
• Black Modern Day Slavery Was Started by Islam In Africa and Was At Least 19 Times Worse than the American Black Slave Trade Ever Was
• It IS About Islam

PDF: End Time Current Events 8-23-15

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