End Time Current Events: 8-10-14 — Part 1

Table of Contents:

• ISIS Updates
• Crucified & Beheaded by the Islamic Caliphate monsters: Iraq descends into apocalypse as Islamic State fanatics butcher all non-believers
• Iraqi Children Thrown From Mountaintop to Keep Them From Islamic State Terrorists
• ISIS jihadists are systematically beheading Christian children in Iraq
• SHOCKING BEYOND WORDS! The Details Will Absolutely Sicken You! ISIS Beheads Christian Children En Masse CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE HOLOCAUST! (Video) The World MUST Know About THIS!
• Muslim Mob Abducts Christian Nurse From Her Home and Gang Rapes Her Over And Over Again
• Yearning for Hellfire Young Demon Possessed Muslim Men Flock to Join ISIS to Better Serve Their Lord and Master: Satan

PDF: End Time Current Events 8-10-14

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