End Time Current Events-7-29-19-Part 4

Table of Contents:

  • Kinsey Agenda: UnMasking The Sexual Revolution & Exploitation of Children
  • Portland’s Teen Prostitutes
  • Luciferian March for a One World Government Taking Place All Over America and Canada on  July 21st, 2019
  • ‘Her eyes were completely black’: Va. family fends off naked woman who claimed to be the devil
  • Actual demonic energy now channeling out of drag queens as humans act like creatures from hell right in front of children
  • Listener Comment: Annie Christ Drag Queen
  • California Forcing Pastors to Embrace LGBT
  • As The ‘Gay Mafia’ Uses Their ‘Legal Club’ To Beat Christian Universities Into Submission, Colleges Nationwide Are Throwing In The White Flag Of Surrender To Progressive Tyranny – Christian colleges made a Faustian bargain and now is time to pay the devil his due

PDF: End Time Current Events 7-29-19

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