End Time Current Events-7-22-19-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • What it’s like to be A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL #RFB
  • Prayer Request From a Long time Listener Who Is A Severely Targeted Individual (TI) Gang Stalking
  • We Represent Targeted Individuals–The internet’s #1 website for Targeted Individuals
  • More Ebola Preparations Underway As CDC, NYC Quietly Brace for Congo Migrant Surge
  • Natural Ebola Virus Supplement Protocol
  • Primed for a wipeout: Pentagon admits biological attack against America has no real defense
  • A Massive Disease outbreak Is Now Sweeping Across America As Ebola Hits our Shores.
  • Congress Orders Pentagon to Provide Info On Weaponizing Ticks 
  • Chris Smith’s Lyme Disease Amendment Passes House, Tells DOD IG to  Investigate ‘Weaponization’ of Ticks
  • Listener Question & Report–USA: Asian Longhorned tick kills fifth cow by blood loss                  
  • Natural Lyme Disease Supplement Protocol

PDF: End Time Current Events 7-22-19

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