End Time Current Events: 7-20-15 — Part 2

Table of Contents:

• Iranian Islamic President ROUHANI: ‘God has accepted nation’s prayers’…
• Iranian Missiles Aimed at the USA
• Iran Threatens White House Will Be “Destroyed in Under 10 Minutes” Should Strike Occur!
• Iranian Regime Threatens to Take 1,000 American Hostages if U.S. Ever Attacks
• Netanyahu: Israel Not Bound By Iran Deal, Will Defend Itself
• REVEALED: How Tennessee Islamic terrorist Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez…posted cryptic blog on Islam and his special policeman father was once investigated for terror links: NOTE NO CALLING HIM BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA A COLD BLOODED MURDEROUS ISLAMIC JIHADI-SYMPATHIZER FOR THE DEVIL!
• Suspected ISIS Twitter Account Claims Responsibility for Chattanooga Shooting
• Obama Honors Islam Before Dead Marines Killed by Islamic Terrorist; Americans Furious
• Obama removes Iran and Hezbollah from terror list; crickets from Congress
• Secret Plot Behind Upcoming Film “Suicide Squad” Revealed

PDF: End Time Current Events 7-20-15

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