End Time Current Events: 7-14-13

Table of Contents:

  • Brief Ministry Update
  • Zimmerman verdict: NOT GUILTY – stay off the streets, everyone, and prepare for riots
  • New Black Panther members (who call Zimmerman a “no good Jew” and claim to have an army of 10,000 black men ready to seek justice
  • Federal Report 2011: Almost Half the Babies Aborted in NYC Were Black…
  • Growing Army of Black Pro-Lifers Targets Abortion
  • Many threatening to engage in “mass homicide” (mass killings) if the verdict came back not guilty
  • 11 Pages of Recent Documented Black mob violence and the media’s silence–BIG LIST of racial attacks, murders, rape and threats
  • Black Teens Murder White Baby For The Fun Of It In Georgia [Why didn’t the Mainstream Media Cover This!?
  • Book: “White Girl Bleed a Lot”–The first and only book to document the recent epidemic of black mob violence: More than 500 examples in more than 75 cities, all since 2010
  • Federal Government Plans to Go After Zimmerman
  • Defense Lawyer: If Zimmerman Were Black, He Wouldn’t Have Been Charged

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