End Time Current Events-6-17-19-Part 4

Table of Contents:

  • Iran Arrests “CIA AGENTS”
  • Iran nuclear deal: Enriched uranium limit will be breached on 27 June
  • One of the best discussions I have ever heard concerning the militant sexual deviant agenda now overtaking the planet–How drugs are run into the USA – it’s not by human mules–Breakdown on how the Synagogue of Satan Controls Hollywood
  • Lesbian ‘Compassion’ On Full Display–Ghastly New Details Emerge About Lesbian Couple Who Forced ‘Gender Re-Assignment Surgery’ on their 9-Year-Old Boy—Little boy had his genitals torn off and replaced with a “fake female sex organ” before being tortured, beheaded, dismembered and then throw into the sewer like garbage!!!!
  • Insanity level persecution of Christians & elimination of their free speech taking place now!!!! The cop that arrested him has multiple Gay Flags interwoven into his uniform!!!!!
  • Pastor Jailed During ‘Drag Queen Story Hour,’ SWAT Team Snipers Positioned Atop Library Roof — STILL THINK THERE IS NO WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANS? READY TO SWAT (KILL) PASTOR FOR EXERCISING FREE SPEECH

PDF: End Time Current Events 6-17-19

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