End Time Current Events: 6-14-14 — Part 1

Table of Contents:

• Shooters at Las Vegas Walmart Kill Three, Proclaim ‘The Revolution Has Begun’
Scott Johnson’s Teaching: The Black Awakening & Taking the Offensive
• Bizarre Batman Connection Shows Up in Another Mass Shooting–Has Batman replaced The Catcher in the Rye as a trigger for mind control assassins?
• Media Links Las Vegas Shooters to Bundy Ranch
• Breaking: Watch–Satanic Coincidence: Las Vegas Shooter Jerad Miller Interviewed by NBC News During Bundy Standoff
• CNN Says Liberty Movement More Threatening than Al-Qaeda
• Media Ignores Massive Chicago Gun Violence To Blame Vegas Shooting On Tea Party
• White House: Obama Looking to Act ‘Administratively, Unilaterally’ on Guns…
• Obama Publically Announces: Inability to get tougher gun laws in the US is “shameful”
President praises Australia’s firearm confiscation…

PDF: End Time Current Events 6-14-14

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