End Time Current Events: 5-11-14 — Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • WATCH: Ugandan President Leads 5-Hour Parade Celebrating ‘Jail the Gays’ Law
  • Ugandan Police Detain US AIDS Research Project Staffer Suspected Of Promoting Homosexuality
  • Scientific studies confirm a strong pedophilic predisposition among homosexuals–While only making up less than 2% of the population—Very Conservative Estimates Reports that Homosexuals account for between 25-40 percent of all child molestation—Researchers Determine “The rate of homosexual versus heterosexual child sexual abuse is staggering,”
  • Homosexuals Recruit Public School Children
  • Homosexual Teachers Eight Times More Likely to Molest Students
  • FRI Study Finds Homosexual Parenting Dangerous for Kids
  • Homosexual Journalist Admits, ‘Gay Lifestyle is a Sewer’
  • Bible Study Exposing Sodomites
  • Former Editor of ‘Young Gay America’ Turned Christian Celebrates Marriage to Wife

PDF: End Time Current Events 5-11-14

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