End Time Current Events-4-29-19-Part 1.5

Table of Contents:

  • Number of the Beast: Catholic Pope Pledges $500,000 to 75,000
  • Illegal Aliens Invading the US – That’s $6.66 Per Invader!
  • Over Two Million Prepaid Debit Cards Given to Muslim Invaders – Official
  • The measles outbreak is a massive false flag; nearly all outbreaks are caused by infected Illegal Alien Invaders, not American children
  • America’s Super-Vaccination Agenda is put on Super Steroids—Why now?
  • FALSE FLAG MEASLES PSYOP “It’s all fake; it’s all staged to compel vaccine compliance!”
  • Insanity Has Taken Over!!!: Over 1,000 quarantined in measles scare at LA universities
  • Los Angeles Enters a Serious Level of Quarantine over the Measles brought in by the Illegal Alien Invaders but of Course the Unvaccinated are Conveniently Blamed!!!!
  • The Measles Outbreak Is A Giant False Flag & A Hoax
  • The Invive Silver 5000ppm Protocol For Measles

PDF: End Time Current Events 4-29-19

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