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End Time Current Events: 4-26-15 — Part 1

End Time Current Events: 4-26-15 — Part 1

Table of Contents:

• A Believers Authority In Christ and Warring in the Spirit
• Op-Ed: Attack Now – Russian Interference Leaves Israel No Choice Soon it will be too late, if it is not too late already…
• Top Iranian General: Nuclear Inspectors Will Not be Permitted
• Iran marks Army Day with cries of ‘Death to Israel, USA’…
• Iran Military Guard rejects inspection of military sites under any nuke agreement with Obama…
• Senators Won’t Force Obama To Certify Iran Has Refrained From Terrorist Acts
• State Department Won’t Rule Out $50 Billion ‘Signing Bonus’ For Iran
• Quotes By Barack Obama Praising Islam and Mohammed
• Barrack HUSSEIN OBAMA said: ‘I will stand with the Muslims. . .

PDF: End Time Current Events 4-26-15

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